Sunday, January 22, 2012

Limitless - On a Raw Food Diet

A while ago there was an evening when my husband and kids were out, giving me some time to myself, something that hardly ever happens.  Standing in line for Redbox, I asked the man in front of me for a movie recommendation.  He recommended Limitless.  I really have to stop asking strangers for their picks.  I didn't like the film at all but I did come away from it with some thoughts.  In the movie, the protagonist is able to turn his life around by taking a pill.  The pill helped him access all the potential of his brain as opposed to just 20 percent.  After some bumps in the road and run-ins with the authorities and the mafia, he is able to shake off his adversaries and ended up very successful in all areas of his life.

I believe this theme resonates with many Americans.  We want to feel good, alive and energetic.  We want success. Isn't that like human nature, however, to want it all by doing something as simple as taking a pill?  For everything to come easy, no sweat, no work, no sacrifice?  Self satisfaction for a job well done never comes into play, because it has all been handed over.  But what if we were to make the effort?  What could we possibly accomplish if we made radical changes?   Many Americans struggle with lethargy and obesity, wake up with aches and pains and have diseases to boot.  Their minds are in a continual fog and are constantly depressed.  The sad thing is that many accept this as normal or just part of the aging process.  

I'm here to tell you that you do not have to accept these things as normal.  You can have a life that is so different!  These are some of the things I read or hear from people who choose an alkaline plant-based diet.  They report that they have more energy, mental clarity, a calmer state of mind and a more positive outlook.  They experience weight loss, clear luminous skin, healthier hair and nails.  They find that this lifestyle change has enhanced their athletic performance and it's their secret in having an advantage in their sport.  These are athletes that are continually winning races and bodybuilding competitions.  Some even say that aging is no longer a factor when it comes to their performance.  They have stronger endurance, and are able to increase in muscle mass.  Let me reiterate that they have accomplished this on an alkaline, plant-based, raw food diet. (This is a subject for a future post.)  Although you probably won't be able to do math like the man in the film, make millions with a few strategic moves or run for public office, what could you accomplish if you had the clearest mind? What important information could you discern with a razor sharp mind, that might have otherwise slipped your notice with an acidic foggy brain?  Imagine a body unfettered by aches, pains or disease and free from excess weight.  Imagine if you had boundless energy and a positive outlook? What ventures would you undertake?  In this dog-eat-dog world, where looks count for everything and unfair attention is given to those who have "the look", what advantages could you enjoy because of a fit, trim body?   ... Just some food for thought.

In the next series of posts I will be covering topics such as green smoothies, sprouting, pH balance and athletic performance.  Just know that I stick loosely to the schedule and ad-lib as I come across information.  Have a great week!

Enjoy the journey!