Monday, February 27, 2012

The Incredible Healing Power of Raw Foods

Today I received Danny Vierra's newsletter which included a very inspiring youtube clip of healing testimonials of patients that have gone through his clinic at Bella Vita.  Danny is a very spiritual man and is passionate about what he does.  I have attended Danny's Health and Healing Crusade in Lodi, California.  He has had some very notable guest speakers including Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute (cancer clinic), Dr. John McDougall, and Dr. Richard Schulze (manufacturer of high quality medicinal herbs and  instructional books  on how to heal from disease) among others.  Danny has done so much to help educate people about natural methods of healing.  He primarily uses juicing and raw foods and methods such as juice fasting, hydrotherapy and cold sheet treatments.  The effects of  this diet on the human body are nothing short of miraculous!  People heal of all sorts of ailments - including cancer (although never 100% guaranteed).  People report feeling rejuvenated and freed from the burden of so many debilitating maladies.

It makes me sad when I hear of people going from doctor to doctor trying to find the perfect drug to achieve healing without making any lifestyle changes.  Maybe I'm just one of the few who subscribes to this way of thinking, but healing can never come from chemicals!  When it comes to chronic disease, all drugs do is mask symptoms.  It is just counter intuitive for me to think that some drug is going to make me feel vibrant and alive.   The human body is very resilient. If we stop forcing our bodies to ingest dead, processed, chemically laden foods and If we instead provide the foods that were designed for our consumption, healing begins.  It's just that simple.  Check out Danny's video here.  Danny has also put out a documentary.  Here is the trailer. 

This weekend I also saw another documentary that is so very inspiring!  You must watch it!  It's called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  Here is the trailer for it. Joe Cross, the producer of this film also has a website with resources and info.

Coconut Palm Sugar

In response to my last post, a friend of mine gave me a tip on coconut palm sugar.  Thanks, Jolene!  This info just confirms to me what an amazing fruit coconut is.  It truly is a superfood.  This sweetener is low on the glycemic  index and it's actually good for you!  Check out information about this sweetener here.  Also, Dr. Oz just recently did a segment on it here.  As with almost anything, you can find this product on Amazon.

Enjoy the Journey!