Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Wonder of the Natural World

I never cease to be amazed at the marvelous world we live in.  The perfect synchrony of systems that work seemingly independently of each other but form an incredible symbiotic network when looked upon from a distance, the reciprocal exchange between humans and plant life of oxygen to carbon dioxide, the continual movement of water from streams and rivers to ocean to air and back down again.  The human body!  Have you ever studied Anatomy and Physiology?  Amazing!  The complexity of every living thing - the way everything is inextricably connected in one manner or another - is mind boggling to me. 

I was in art school in San Francisco when an instructor introduced the study of the Golden Ratio.  Have you heard of it?  Wow!  The artistic design that exists in the natural world can be seen by studying the mathematical Golden Ratio, Mean or Section.  It is based on Pi, the number rounded to 3.14.  The unfurling of a flower is based on this ratio, as well as the curvature of a ram's horn, a conch shell or The Milky Way galaxy.  The human body is also designed and measured by this ratio.  Ancient architects, recognizing the balance and beauty of things based on this ratio in the natural world, decided to employ this for their man-made structures. Doing so gave birth to some of the most amazing classical architectural designs that resonate universally with anyone who has eyes to appreciate beauty.

I believe that there is a perfect, beautiful design in the natural world.  It is perfect because that's exactly how God designed it.  Pardon me, it is not my intention to step on anyone's toes who believes otherwise.  With such painstaking precision in the natural world, I just can't believe we bubbled up by chance in some primordial stew.  And it just so happens that when we return to the original plan of eating and living, the effects on the human body are nothing short of miraculous.  

A 70-year-old woman, Annette Larkins, can look fresh, young and youthful. People like Joe Cross and Jon Gabriel who struggled with obesity can easily attain their ideal body weight. Athletes in their 40's like Tim Van Orden can easily outpower athletes in their 20's.  According to Dr. Young, returning to a raw alkaline diet, makes it possible for all manner of diseases to evaporate into thin air. Lives that are burdened with sickness, disease, depression become healthful and happier. Foods provided by the earth, unadulterated by chemicals or processing, give vigor, youthfulness and health to the human body.

Once embarking on this journey, one just can't help but be completely thrilled by the effects.  As crazy as it sounds, you become more keenly aware of your body and how certain foods or emotions affect it.  My senses have become sharper, more alert and more spiritually in tune.  Look for testimonials; it is a theme that repeats itself again and again with people who choose this path. It is an attribute that even surprises those who experience it.

In the next series of posts I will be covering exercise, cancer and  juicing.

Enjoy the Journey!