Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Effects of Your Lifestyle Choices on Brain Function

I apologize for not getting to my juicing post yet.  I just can't pass up this fantastic information.  I am loving the excellent info that's coming out of the Longevity Now conferences in California.  They have quite the line-up of great speakers and leaders on nutrition and natural healing.

Anyhow, I have mentioned in previous posts that when you get on a raw food diet, one of the first things you experience (after the horrible detox symptoms) is clarity of mind.  I'm not talking about something existential or mystical, I'm talking literal!  It's like all the garbage that's lodged in your body and brain cleans out and clears up and allows you to see the world with a mind that for the first time is open to the clear blue sky. 

This is a clip where Dr. Daniel Amen, MD, discusses and shares illustrations on what really happens to your brain when you feed it the highest grade nutrition and live a health promoting lifestyle.  He also shares images of brains that live on fast food, alcohol and habits that are detrimental to healthy brain function.  The difference is absolutely unbelievable.

I truly believe that living beautifully means to not just focus on the externals.  It means to nourish and cleanse ourselves from the inside out.  To understand the connection of mind (brain in this case), body and spirit.  To respect your body - a truly spectacular gift you've been given - and care for it the best you can.  Being intentional and focused in regards to health ultimately leads to freedom from disease, freedom to be happier and youthful and opens the mind to opportunities that may have been missed with a clogged body and foggy mind.  It enables our bodies and minds to more effectively pursue excellence in all we endeavor to do.

Take the time to see part one and part two of this excellent clip! (The clip is titled "Can Fat Shrink our Brain?")

Enjoy the Journey!