Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Effect of Cell Phone Usage on Your Brain

A while ago I saw this clip on Dr. Mercola's site and thought it was so important that I wanted for you to see it as well.  Please take the time to watch it or at least scan through it.  I see so many kids hanging on their phones exposing their developing brains to radio frequencies.  What is most disturbing is when I see how so many products using these frequencies are marketed towards children.  It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to protecting our children's brains.  Until you can get a device like xzubi, I would recommend putting your phone on speaker and holding the phone away from your head.  Keeping your phone on your body is absolutely not a good idea.  In this post, there is a woman featured who stored her phone in her bra.  She got breast cancer right in the spot where she stored her phone.  Men who hold their laptops on their laps or keep their phones close to their crotch area are at risk of affecting their fertility as well as adversely affecting their health in other ways.

Another issue is "dirty" electricity that comes from computers, microwaves, lamps, etc.  I have a friend who works in a room with high EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies), and consequently decided to try grounding/earthing to deal with that problem.  The difference he experienced is remarkable; he swears by grounding and says that he even grounds while he sleeps.  The results he has experienced from grounding have been that his back pain is now gone, he sleeps like a log and he no longer experiences lactic acid soreness when we works out.  I personally have only heard of it (grounding while sleeping that is) and not experienced it - other than walking barefoot in the grass.  I'm considering trying it.  I'll let you know if I do.  (Earthing products are available at Longevity Warehouse.)

On another note, I found a fantastic blog titled "Chris beat Cancer."   Take a look at it when you can.  I love it so much I have added it to my blog list. Scroll down and watch the segment on Fox news where you can hear his story in a nutshell.  Wow, absolutely amazing!  So much good stuff on this blog I could barely stop reading!  This is definitely going in my cancer file!

Enjoy the Journey!