Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

I don't do well driving long distances.  I don't mind being driven, I just prefer not to drive.  Something about the movement of the vehicle that just lulls me to relaxation and slumber. I generally avoid caffeine from coffee because to me it's just another drug to get addicted to, so when I need to drive a long distance, I choose to drink green tea.  Caffeine from coffee makes me feel like I'm wired and on overdrive; I hate that feeling.  Not to mention that the coffee itself can irritate my stomach.  Green Tea gives me just enough alertness (70% less caffeine than coffee) to stay focused on the task at hand.  I also love all the many health benefits that go along with this wonderful ceremonial beverage.

I do not skimp when I buy green tea.  It costs more to get a good quality green tea.  The less processed it is, the more antioxidant power you get from it.  Green tea has many anticancer properties, it aids in heart health and diabetes prevention.  It aids in weight loss and can stave off dementia. I have some Matcha Green Tea, but there are other varieties that are great as well.  So next time you need a boost, try out some green tea and see if it works for you.  Check out this youtube clip on green tea.

Enjoy the Journey!