Friday, July 12, 2013

Modern Medicine- The Multi-Billion Dollar Hustle

True healing is easy and inexpensive.  Yes, you read that right.  It's easy.  Healing comes about when we seek to instruct ourselves in the unwritten laws that come from the natural world.  They are the laws that do not come from illustrious medical institutions or the venerable pharmaceutical laboratories.  True healing can be found in the humble foods, plants and methods that are usable and attainable by everyone.  These methods are not difficult to learn; it only takes time and willingness to read and research. You might read the title of this post and think that I have anger or resentment towards professionals in the medical field.  Please don't misunderstand me,   I believe that there is a place and necessity for modern medicine.  I do wish, however, that the governing institutions which decide what gets taught in medical school or what information is shared publicly - such as the A.M.A. and F.D.A. - would be forthright with the information they disseminate.  I believe that truth is suppressed in order to promote more financially lucrative treatment methods.  How many countless lives could have been spared such pain if truth were allowed to flourish?  I will say one more thing: Benefiting at the expense of others who suffer needlessly and often die prematurely is nothing short of evil. I say this because so many submit to conventional medical "wisdom" while trusting the prescribed remedy and those who have promoted such treatment. Now if it is known that such "remedies" are not only inferior to alternative natural healing methods, but often times completely ineffective - or worse, harmful to the patient - and yet, for the sake of profit, they are still promoted and prescribed as the patient's best source of hope, THAT is nothing short of evil.  It is comparable to a thug on the street killing for money, except these A.M.A. and F.D.A.thugs have gleaming white coats and impressive letters behind their names.

The must-see articles and videos

I have been coming across several articles in regard to this topic that I would like to share with you (check links for articles).  Those in power know that if Doctors were to instruct their patients how to live to create health, they will no longer be able to make money.  Things may be changing in California.  A bill was introduced to mandate doctors to receive training in nutrition, but the California Medical Association is already fighting to stop the bill (Really?  Who will it harm for doctors to know the effect of eating an orange on the human body?)  Watch it here.  To add insult to injury, the Supreme Court has granted immunity to pharmaceutical companies from litigation because of side effects by drugs.  Despite efforts to suppress the truth and protect big pharma, there are doctors who are stumbling upon information and forced to make a decision.  The arrogant ones will always scoff, but there are physicians with a conscience who cannot turn their back on the information they learn.  What they incorporate into their way of living changes not only their lives, but also the lives and health of patients who come to them for healing.  Read this testimonial of a physician, Dr. James Loomis, who is now informed and transforming the way he practices medicine.

Healing begins in turning to nature

Nutrition is the first step in healing.  a high raw plant based diet will correct about 80% of conditions.  Turning to herbs, hydrotherapy, charcoal, massage and chiropractic can help in many others.  My upcoming natural remedy posts will cover charcoal, green clay, and massage.

Have a great day!