Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Food Matters Documentary and Some Great Deals at Costco

FOODMATTERS is a fantastic documentary that is an absolute must-see.  You may view it for free on their website this week only. Registration is required.  Go to to view the trailer.  Make yourself some herbal tea, get comfortable and prop up your feet.  This information is critically important.  Tell others to watch it as well!

Also, I stopped by the Gaithersburg, MD Costco today  and saw that they were having Blendtec demos and were stocking Vitamix blenders.  People have their reasons as to which of these blenders is superior.  Truth is, they both are tough as nails, long-lasting, excellent blenders.  They are worth every penny they are sold for.  I am partial to Vitamix because I was introduced to it first.  My friends and family own them, so naturally I went with Vitamix.  I love, love, love my Vitamix and I use it everyday, several times a day.  The great thing is, that you don't have to pay top dollar if you purchase it at Costco.  The price for the Vitamix was 374.99 and the Blendtec was 379.79.  To top things off, I also saw that at the Blendtec demo table, they were selling a gallon of Xagave (raw organic agave nectar) for 29.99 - a steal!  Check your local Costco to see when they may be coming to your area.

Enjoy the journey!