Monday, October 17, 2011

The Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection

I was going to do a post on helpful appliances for a raw or mostly raw diet, but I decided I would delve into another arena because of what I have experienced this past week.  Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you and every now and then you get hit.  This was such a week for me.  As a matter of fact, I felt like I got the wind knocked out of me.  It would be nice if life was always rosy and perfect, but no such luck.  So without going into detail about my "issues" I just wanted to share the effect it has had on me physically.

I believe in a perfect triune --  mind, body and spirit. They are connected like the gears of a clock.  When one has a great diet and active life, positive emotions and thoughts along with a strong spiritual connection, the effects are fantastic.  If one area gets out of sync, everything else will suffer.  For the past year I have enjoyed the clearest skin.  I have loved this so much because of the fact that since adolescence I have been so prone to breakouts.  This past week caused me so much stress that I began to break out like a teenager -- at age 40, no less.  (Okay, I also cheated on cooked food and french fries at my  son's camp out a couple of weeks ago.  Are you horribly disappointed in me?  There was very little raw food to be had on this trip!)  So despite a clean diet (since my cheat weekend 2 weeks ago), my anxiety was enough to trigger my breakouts.  Negative emotions can cause acidity in the body which in turn makes one's body a breeding ground for disease.  Another effect from my bad emotions was a lack of energy.   When I work out I love to exercise to the brink of complete exhaustion.  I love to get a red face and to break a sweat.  (Sorry for the imagery.)  This past week was pathetic at the gym, my energy was sapped!  Lastly, I also had a difficult time sleeping. 

Do you remember the observation made about those poor orphaned infants during WWII?  One group of infants was held while fed and the others weren't.  Those that were held survived, the others died.  Have you ever known someone to die of a broken heart?  Have you ever heard of the amazing effect of laughter on the body?  It can boost your immunity, release endorphins and even protect your heart.  Our thoughts and emotions are so powerful and can make such an impact on our health and sense of well being.  Stubbornly harbor bitter thoughts and a vengeful spirit and your health will not be a strong as it could be.

It is so important to learn to forgive, let go and to have an attitude of gratitude.  It would be great if everyone could rent a comedy once a week to just have a good hearty, belly laugh.  There are times we can evade negative emotions by avoiding behaviors that lead to them.  Other times, like when we grieve the loss of a loved one, we just have to let our emotions run their course.  If you are dealing with disease, go raw vegan, exercise and don't neglect caring for your mind and spirit! 

My problems pale in comparison to those of so many others.  When I get stressed I lean on my regular coping mechanisms.  I lean on my faith, my family and spend time with friends.  I am doing my best to stay positive.  I am also taking extra time to stretch and breathe.  Walking or running in the sun also helps me.  But as always I know from past experience, "This too shall pass."  Click here for a list of coping mechanisms.

Before I close I'll share one more thing.  I have gotten feedback that some of my readers want recipes  so here is one you can try.  Jennifer Cornbleet is one of my favorite go-to raw chefs.  She has a very good almond milk and easy to make granola.  I've tried this and I like it!

If you have trouble with the youtube link, please right click on it and open  it in a new window.

Enjoy the Journey!