Monday, March 12, 2012

The pH Miracle

This post has been a long time coming.  I apologize that it has taken me this long.  I was coming across conflicting information in regard to pH balance and I needed a reliable source.  I contacted my nutritionist friend from California, Michelle Ross (check out her site; link on side bar), and she referred me to The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young, PhD. and Shelley Redford Young. This book is excellent!  Get a hold of a copy when you get the chance.  I also recommend that you watch this clip by Dr. Young. It is 40 minutes long, but the information is incredibly good. Carve out some time to watch it! You can also click here for his website.  I want to touch upon some points  from the book that piqued my interest and may catch yours as well.

A Tale of Two Scientists

First, when it comes to disease, there is a school of thought that is pervasive in western medicine and stems from the teachings of Louis Pasteur.  The foundation of his teaching is that germs and illness begin by what's in the air.  This school of thought gave birth to the idea that to prevent sickness we need to fight it with handwashing and proper hygiene. I'm big on handwashing.  This isn't the point of contention I have with his philosophy since reading this book.  Because Pasteur had better connections and was able to sell his point of view, this is the idea that took hold.

Antoine Bechamp
However, there was another scientist, Antoine Bechamp, a contemporary of Pasteur, who also launched a separate school of thought.  His view was that we can alter the condition of our bodies to become susceptible to disease or resistant to it.  He stated that depending on what we do, we can create a body environment that is ripe for contracting sickness or one that will fight off infection. Bechamp was not as well connected as Pasteur, so his brilliant observations and ideas did not take root.

Even if both scientists had equal chances of selling their ideas, knowing human nature, which do you think people would buy into?  One that tells us that we are responsible for creating healthy bodies or one that tells us that health is a matter of chance and is as good as the luck of the draw?  In regard to health versus disease, it is easier to be a victim of circumstance and convince ourselves that we were just unlucky than to own up to our responsibility for our health.  There is a modern awakening in regard to this, however.  I believe that much of this has to do with the documentaries and availability of information found on the Internet.

Obviously, people today are concerned about catching disease from what they may be exposed to.  Movies such as Outbreak from the 90's and Contagion recently released on DVD are evidence of this fear. Plagues are a part of human history; the bubonic plague and several others have taken countless lives. However, with each plague there were survivors.  Why did they not succumb to disease when they were exposed to the same sickness?  The answer is that their immune system was stronger!  And the foundational key to a strong immune system has to do with pH balance.  Increased alkalinity in the body results in a stronger immune system.  The sooner you understand this, the more likely it is you will strive to become alkaline yourself.  In a nutshell, alkilinity equals life.

The Walking Dead 

When one dies microforms take over and perform the task of decomposing the body.  They thrive in acidic, anaerobic (no oxygen) conditions.  When our bodies are acidic while we are still alive, these microforms set up shop in our bodies before we die!  Of course, they create waste which is also very acidic, which invites more microforms to join the party.  The aches and pains people talk about as they get older, can be usually attributed to the acid build up in their bodies.  Acidic bodies are susceptible not only to what's in the air but also to the sickness that their own bodies create.  So what are we to do?  Eat more alkalizing foods!

But first, let's consider acidic foods.  All animal products are acidic, as well as sugar, cooked foods, processed foods, juices, sodas, coffee, etc. That is basically most everything Americans eat.  Now before you become overwhelmed with the thought of totally giving up everything you enjoy, remember something that I have mentioned before.  You do not have to eat a 100% raw diet to become alkaline.  According to Dr. Young, if you eat at least 75% percent alkalizing foods, you can  achieve alkalinity.  Alkalizing foods are vegetables, greens, sprouts - everything that contains chlorophyl.  (Do not count on fruit to alkalize.)  Once your body has attained alkalinity, you could be fed germs by the spoonful and you won't get sick. Your body's defenses will be so strong, that any invading bug won't stand a chance. 

The Healing Miracles

Healing miracles happen when people achieve alkalinity.  The first obvious change is the joy that is so clearly visible in the faces of the people who are becoming healthier.  All sorts of diseases reverse; heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, schizophrenia - the list goes on and on.  By now you should know the spiel - better skin tone, happier outlook, healthier hair, clearer thinking, etc.  People who achieve alkalinity are also a passionate bunch.  They want nothing more than to spread the message of health because of the tremendous benefits they have experienced themselves.  You'll see it again and again.

If you are eating 75% alkalizing foods, how should you fill the remaining 25% if you don't want to eat more raw food?  May I suggest 20% cooked vegan food?  Vegan food can be very tasty.  I recently entertained guests in my home.  The lady of the family was leery of eating vegan food. However, after tasting it, she couldn't believe that she liked everything I served her.  The last 5% is up for grabs, you can cheat with that portion.  I guarantee you, over time your taste will change and you won't go for the foods you have always craved.  

I have added a couple more food blogs to my list, Vegan Yum Yum is very good and also Chocolate Covered Katie.  The author of Vegan Yum Yum was quickly recruited for a cook book.  Chocolate Covered Katie has the most amazing vegan dessert recipes.  I tried the deep dish chocolate chip cookie and it tasted as delicious as the artery-clogging deep dish cookies you can get elsewhere with the worst ingredients.  Check out this post on ten great vegan food blogs.

Lastly, I want to let you know that you can test to see whether your body's pH is alkaline or acidic.  The best way to know is by testing your blood.  A simpler method which you can use at home is by testing your urine.  That's not as accurate as testing your blood, but is a more reliable method than testing your saliva.  You can find pH test strips on Amazon.  Honestly now, what don't they carry?  Coming up: Raw Food and Athletic Performance!

 Enjoy the Journey!