Sunday, November 4, 2012

Facing Goliath- Monsanto

When most people think of GMO's or purchase their product, they don't realize how far reaching the implications are.  Many farmers lives have been destroyed by simply owning property next to another farm growing GMO crop.  In India, several farmers have committed suicide because it has destroyed their income and livelihood.  As we approach this coming election my thoughts and attention are directed to California where the fate of prop 37 hangs in the balance.  This initiative is for the labeling of GMO's in food products.  My hope is that California will pave the way for the rest of the United States. Yes, our health is affected by GMO's but the livelihood of hard working farmers is also affected if not obliterated.

Please take a time to watch this documentary, "David VS. Monsanto" which can be viewed free of charge until November 10.

What can you do?  Eat non GMO.  Post this info on your Facebook page.  Contact your friends in California and share Genetic Roulette and this documentary with them.  I'm crossing my fingers!