Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prop 37, Alkaline Water and Doctored

It was very hard for me to see the outcome of Prop 37 in California for several reasons.  Take a look at this article about how GMO's are responsible for the dramatic increase of gluten sensitivity as well as many other conditions not mentioned here. The fact that Prop 37 was defeated emphasized the fact that if an organization is powerful enough, they can fix an election.  This wasn't a proposition to outlaw GMO's, just to label them.  Those who spoke against Prop 37 had the audacity to say that these foods are safe.  If that is the case, why are so many countries outlawing GMO's?  Why hide the fact that certain foods contain GMO's?   The big power players pumped millions into spreading lies that labeling these foods would increase the cost of GMO foods.  Does it cost more to label something that contains bananas? oranges?  Yet, somehow they managed to pull it off.  The bright side of this issue is that the campaign process brought far more awareness to the topic.  So much so that high profile celebs and corporations are beginning to speak out against them.  Last I checked, we still have the ability to choose what to buy.  Jeffrey Smith, Founder of the Institute of Responsible Technology has fantastic tips and a non GMO shopping guide that you can download to your computer or phone to help you make the non GMO choice.

In response to my post "The Importance Of Drinking Pure Water" one of my readers sent me this clip on Kangen water. Thank you, Bill.  Raw food enthusiast, Canadian bodybuilding champ Wade Lightheart uses and promotes Kangen water as an integral part of his diet.  Like I said before, if I had thousands to spare, I would be tempted to get one.  I enjoyed Bill's Facebook page on healthful tips- check it out here.  I personally have not tried alkaline water from an ionizer and will not take a stance for or against it.  Your call, folks.  If you are looking for a low cost alternative, consider pH drops.

I just recently saw a documentary that was very good.  So many are coming out these days!  This information covers a topic that alternative therapists have known all along.  The medical establishment has had it out for the demise of non-medical therapies for a very long time, a fight that continues on to this day.  The infamous Morris Fishbein, was a relentless adversary to Harry Hoxsey, a man who provided an alternative effective treatment for skin cancer.  Fishbein was also the face of the A.M.A. from 1924-1950 and went after any therapy that would threaten the highly lucrative, financial monopoly on healing.  He is featured in this film.  Today chiropractic is widely accepted as a mainstream therapy.  It hasn't always been so.  I remember when chiropractic was a fringe therapy.  Please take the time to watch this excellent film, "Doctored."

You know how the routine goes with a doctor's visit.  You go, you get tested, you get a prescription and you see your doctor for all of ten minutes!  Cured!  Trouble is, when it comes to chronic conditions, I don't believe that drugs can cure anything.  They mask symptoms but the sickness is still there.  The original cause of the illness is never removed.  So what do you do when you want to get to the root cause of a sickness?  Who do you see?  I contacted Physician's Committee For Responsible Medicine and these are the resources they gave me.  The first is  and the second Dr. McDougall's list of physicians.  Many thanks PCRM!  I also highly recommend very well informed nutritionist Michelle Ross

Enjoy the Journey!