Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr Michael Greger at Great Sage

 It was great to go to Dr. Michael Greger's lecture at Great Sage.  He shared an abundance of information that was so valuable.  In a cyber world where information is liberally shared, how do you learn to navigate through it all and find what is truly sound and good?  I appreciate what he had to say in this regard.  What is good will rise to the top.  I personally do appreciate when ideas are backed by studies.  Science does make for better ground to stand on.  Even before looking at the studies, my reason for believing that the vegan diet is best is that it is the diet of the longest lived people in the world.  If you want to avoid medications as you grow older, live longer and stronger, the vegan diet is the way to go.  Be sure to get on Dr. Greger's mailing list.  Excellent information!

I have no intention of replicating his lecture, but I will share some of the highlights.  There is nothing quite like a vegan diet to stop cancer in its tracks.  Watch this if you haven't already.  A lacto-ovo vegetarian diet does not come close to the stopping power of a vegan diet.  Dr. Greger was clear that a vegan diet should comprise of whole foods including both cooked and plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.  This means vegan foods that are not processed.

Another stellar accomplishment of the a vegan diet is how it can prevent or reverse several conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, COPD, kidney failure, respiratory infections, etc.  Many times one can see results within two weeks of changing their diet.

The last aspect of the lecture that stood out for me was that a vegan diet can improve one's mood.  I have touched upon this before.  It really can do wonders.

If you would like to see his lecture, you can view it here. It is titled Uprooting The Leading Causes of Death.  I felt so honored to meet Dr. Greger!  If you want cutting edge scientific information on nutrition, I highly suggest you visit his site as often as possible or better yet, get on his mailing list!

Enjoy the Journey!