Monday, March 4, 2013

In Search of Truth

I know I need to be getting to my post on grounding and another on natural remedies, but I saw this cartoon and couldn't help but blog on it.  I find it so disheartening when people are so complacent about what they buy into.  I know a young couple who are riddled with sickness, lethargy and depression.  They wonder why their hair falls out or why they are constantly dealing with migraines.  They are constantly seeing the doctor looking for the perfect wonder drug to cure all that ails them.  Yet what they live on is very telling.  They eat nothing but junk food, fast food, beer and are chain smokers.  They never go outside to breath pure fresh air.  I have approached them with information about healthful living and they just scoffed at it.  Sickness does not come about like spontaneous combustion.  Sickness is created. Thankfully, however, sickness can also be reversed.  But what is often most difficult to reverse with many individuals is their way of thinking.  

As a society we have been taught to receive information from the "experts" without ever questioning it.  So many people are smug and complacent because they got educated on something from the evening news. (Don't even get me started on that!) I am not expecting for my readers to believe everything I share, but I certainly hope that my readers will learn to do one thing. Think for yourselves! Read, learn and investigate!  I always ask, Why do I believe what I believe?  I then proceed to find out. We all have been given working brains. Let's use them. Nothing is worse than when someone just follows the crowd like a blind sheep to the slaughter. I don't believe in being a helpless victim. I believe in taking charge of my life, my health and, hopefully, inspire a few people along the way to do the same. Sorry for getting carried away with this but the scenario portrayed in this cartoon is just so true and so sad at the same time. I suggest, let's stand out from the crowd. Let's seek truth and wisdom, and dare to be different!

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Enjoy the Journey!