Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two Amazing Transformational Stories

I love to see when someone grabs hold of the power of plant foods and uses it to transform their lives!  Sometimes radically!  I want to share with you two testimonials that are absolutely amazing and inspiring.  The first is of a woman who reversed her cancer by going on a 100% raw food diet.  She also used other methods that included juice fasting.  Her physical transformation alone is amazing.  She went from unfit and sickly to absolutely glowing with life.  She also experienced an emotional transformation.  I think it's inevitable.  If you understand what plant foods can do, especially when raw, you'll know that they can make you happy just to be alive.

The second is of another woman who switched to a plant based diet, although not 100% raw.  100% raw is great for reversing the irreversible but not everyone needs to go that far.  Take a look at this inspiring story!

Coming up soon: Natural Remedy - Herbs