Sunday, June 2, 2013

Becoming Aquainted With Natural Remedies: Hydrotherapy


My heartfelt prayers go out to the victims in Oklahoma.  So much sad news!

I have a few more articles for you to see on the subject of mastectomies for the prevention of cancer.  The first is from celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder.  The second is from Dr. John McDougall.  Lastly, there is another great article by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  Please take the time to read them.  They have compelling information to share.

Natural Remedies

Hippocrates, The Father of Modern Medicine, uttered an incredibly profound and insightful statement that should have spoken loudly to people of all ages: "Let food be thy medicine."  Unfortunately, like so many other unsung heroes, and brilliant teachers birthed my mankind, his teachings have fallen to forgetfulness.  Robyn Openshaw states that a high raw plant based diet will reverse about 80% of conditions. Beyond that, if there are life threatening conditions like cancer, I would also consider a 100% raw diet including juice fasting, herbs, hydrotherapy and colonics. (This approach is by no means limited to reversing cancer, but helps the body regain wellness with various conditions.) There are instances, however, when ear aches, influenza and other conditions can weaken the best of us. Therefore, becoming acquainted with natural remedies can really be a help in such situations. I believe every household should build a collection of books on natural remedies. You only need a few.  Knowing what to do in certain situations that require medical attention when there is none to be found can make all the difference! Can it happen? As long as there are natural disasters, as long as hospitals can be overrun to overflowing - Yes, absolutely! Natural Remedies do not take the place of an Emergency Room, but they can help in many situations.  

History of Using Natural Remedies

Some of the methods I will be sharing with you were used to save many people from dying during the flu pandemic in the early part of last century.  These therapies have been used in the past successfully by our forefathers, but have long since been abandoned because of the highly successful marketing of pharmaceutical medications.

I have mentioned that last summer I attended a natural remedies seminar at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. It just so happened that after we were done with the workshop, my sister's mother-in -law who was visiting the area at the time had excruciating pain in her back, radiating down her leg.  Her son who is a physician (my sister's husband) gave her medication, but the pain continued.  She was in tears and couldn't sleep or even walk from her pain. My husband and I offered to do a hot fomentation to ease her pain. (Please check out the last link, it includes how-to videos produced by Agatha and Calvin Thrash.) It only took a short while from the time we started before she relaxed and was able to fall asleep. We continued with this treatment, coupled with massage, every evening and she continued to improve.

I have shared with you in a previous post a hydrotherapy technique useful for staving off the flu (and also in dealing with cancer.)  Near the end of this past winter, my son began to show symptoms of sickness. I prepared a hot bath for him and gave him a warm tea made of garlic and grapefruit. I kept him in the bath for at least 20 minutes and had him finish with a cool shower. He went straight to bed after his shower. The next morning he showed no signs of sickness and resumed his activities as normal.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy can help with such conditions as arthritis and muscle, joint and nerve pain. It also can help with boosting the immune system and increasing white blood cells when dealing with the flu or cold. If there is a part of the body that is injured or has impaired circulation, that area should be treated using hydrotherapy.  Insomnia and stress can also be alleviated by using hydro.  Hydrotherapy can help to loosen tight muscles. It aids the process of detoxification by improving circulation. It also helps to hydrate cells, thereby improving skin tone. 

Because each type of hydrotherapy application has a list of contraindications, I will not give you detailed instructions for various treatments. Instead, I will direct you to books you can purchase inexpensively as references in case you need them.  These therapies are designed to be used at home.

I suggest trying to pick up one or two of the following books. Dr. Agatha Thrash has written a few and If you can get a hold of any of her books (Amazon) I would highly recommend them. These are some titles of her books: Home Remedies, Natural Remedies and Health Care For Your Child. You can also call Uchee Pines Institute for her books. Another book I recommend is Hydrotherapy - Simple Treatments For Common Ailments by Clarence Dail, M.D., and Charles Thomas, PhD. Amazon also has other hydrotherapy books you can consider. Be sure that they are designed for home use.

You can also go to NEWSTART(R) Lifestyle Club's site for a quick three minute how-to video for using hydrotherapy for arthritis or to for more detailed instructions on how to use hot fomentations or other forms of hydrotherapy at home. I highly recommend this site!

Enjoy the Journey!