Friday, February 1, 2013

How I Stop The Flu Dead In It's Tracks

There is so much talk about the flu these days I thought I should put in my two cents about dealing with it.  I do not get the flu shot.  I was required to once many years ago by an employer.  Guess what?  I got the flu regardless.  I think the whole concept is absolutely ridiculous!  Where do they get the idea that they can predict what these microorganisms are going to do?  They mutate.  Flu shots are nothing but guessing what the new flu strain is going to be.  That's like a shot in the dark!  There is also a list of suspect ingredients that really should raise eyebrows.  I could go on and on about this.  If you want to read more, read this article by Dr. Mercola or this one from natural news. Lastly, take a look at this excellent article, it's a must read!

I got an email about Pierce Morgan this morning which I thought was funny. He got the flu shot live with Dr. Oz and got sick 10 days later.  Check it out here. It's one thing if Big Pharma wants to have flu shots available. It's quite another when the government mandates it.  That's a scary thought. The producers of The Greater Good documentary film, are trying to raise awareness of possible new regulations that may affect residents of Idaho.

Ideally, if we maintain the alkilinity of our bodies by eating 75-80% raw foods, we will have strong immune systems and be able to stay healthy. Nonetheless, life sometimes does not allow for it.  I sometimes get so busy that I can let my diet slip temporarily.  If I've indulged in too much sugar on my cheat meal or cheat day I can feel my immunity drop. (I have to be honest - it sometimes happens, folks, especially around the holidays.)  Then I begin to feel that tickle in my throat or a headache comes on.  When that happens, this is what I do to stop the dreaded flu right in its tracks.

Grapefruit, garlic and hydrotherapy are your friends in stifling the flu.  Here are some of the benefits of using grapefruit.  Garlic is excellent as well. Read an article here about the benefits.  In a previous post about cancer I mentioned that hydrotherapy can help your body develop more white blood cells.  It helps to stimulate your immune system.

Grapefruit-Garlic Tea and Hydrotherapy: 

I place in a small pot two or three grapefruits washed and quartered, skin and all. Then I add 6 or more cloves of garlic. (If ambitious, go with an entire head of garlic.) Fill the pot with enough filtered water to cover the grapefruit and garlic.  Bring the water to a boil.  Once boiling, turn down the temp and allow this to simmer for ten to fifteen minutes. (While preparing the tea, I prepare a hot bath as well.)  I drink the water as a tea and do not eat the grapefruit or garlic.  Sometimes I add a little lime juice and honey.  Then I get into the hot bath.  The water is as hot as I can stand it without burning my skin.  Once in the bath I drink the tea.  This process creates an artificial fever.  I try to stay in the bath as long as I can - about fifteen minutes.  Once done with my tea and hot bath, I take a cool shower.  (This hydrotherapy method is powerful!  Do not underestimate it!)  After all this, I go straight to a warm bed for a good night's sleep.  By the next morning, I feel so much better.  My husband has experience as a hydrotherapist from the time he worked in the NEWSTART (TM) lifestyle program at the Weimar Center of Health and Education in California.  I used to ignore him when he told me to do this hydro routine.  I would get sick and he wouldn't.   I have since wised up and now go through this routine myself. Attending the Natural Remedies Seminar at Andrews University has reinforced this concept in my mind.  One note of caution: hydrotherapy is not recommended for all people.   Please look at this list of contraindications found here. And here is  a site that gives instructions on how to use hydro at home.

I recently dined with an acquaintance who told me that she has daily been surrounded by sick people coughing in her presence.  She had no choice but to be in the same environment with these sick people.  So she wisely did some things to beef up her immune system. She ate two raw garlic cloves a day.  She also had a routine of having a greens supplement (similar to Dr. Schulze' Superfood) and took a daily dose of turmeric and oregano in pill form.  Despite the fact that everyone was hacking around her, she did not get sick. In that regard, here is an an article from Natural News that discusses the foods that fight the flu.

If you are already in the full throes of influenza, consider a juice fast.  Boost your immunity with echinacea.  I highly recommend Dr. Schulze' products. His herbs are pure, concentrated  and highly effective.  Read here for one of his articles on the flu.  Consider his products for boosting your immune system.  Call Dr. Schulze and ask for a catalog.  They may possibly also send you the CD "Get Well" for no extra cost.  

Need more evidence to reinforce your faith in natural methods when dealing with the flu? Here is an article which mentions that vitamins can help in curtailing duration of the flu

A future post:

I plan to do a post on natural remedies.  A raw food, plant based diet can reverse all manner of chronic conditions that are deemed incurable.  But, would you know what to do if you could not access a hospital in an emergency?  Just a look at Hurricane Sandy and Katrina and it is easy to see how hospitals can very quickly become overwhelmed.  I believe everyone should build a collection of books on herbs and natural remedies.  I think everyone should at least learn the basics of healing naturally and possibly grow some medicinal herbs.  Our forefathers knew what to do, what herbs to take or what methods to employ.  I strongly believe that having a basic knowledge of natural healing may one day come in very handy for you and your family.

Enjoy the Journey!