Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reversing Cancer Naturally - Part 2

In this post I want to share with you methods I would look for in an alternative cancer treatment.  I know that there are several methods but I can only share what I'm most familiar with.  These methods include the use of plants that grow from the earth.  Do not underestimate the healing power of raw foods.  They contain the building blocks of life and enable the body to heal itself.  I also would not waste my time with methods that are not intense.  Taking shortcuts or finding the easier path is not the way to deal with cancer.  This disease must be met with intensity.  Also, THIS IS NOT A LIST OF INSTRUCTIONS.  It is an overview of a therapy.  Seek the complete, far more comprehensive instructions from the sources I share at the end of this post.

Step 1:  Clear the main channel of elimination

Toxins must be removed from the body and the primary way the body does this is from the liver to the colon.  The Standard American Diet does a number on the colon.  Fiberless foods such as animal products, processed foods and white flour make the colon sluggish and unhealthy.  People from societies with healthful plant based diets that are high in fiber have far more bowel movements than the average American does  People with healthy colons will have between 2 and 3 bowel movements a day.  To solve the problem of constipation due to poor diet, herbs can be taken to help increase the peristalsis of the colon. Please look into Dr. Richard Schulze's intestinal formulas.  Next - I hate to break it to you - colonics will be necessary.  Max Gerson developed the use of coffee enemas with their ability to open up the bile ducts for toxins to make a more rapid evacuation from the body.  Please go to Gerson's site for more information on this topic.

Step 2: Flood the body with the building blocks of life and channel all of the body's energy toward healing 

In other words, the method employed here is juice fasting.  Digestion takes much energy from the body.  The best way to put all energy toward healing is by not taxing the digestive system.  The body can then focus on more rapid detoxification.  Vegetables and fruits, properly juiced, are already "predigested" and provide concentrated nutrition.  It takes a large amount of vegetables and fruit for me to fill my pitcher of juice.  The cells of the body drink up the nutrients from fresh vegetable and fruit juice and dump the toxins that they were holding on to.  Here is where step 1 comes into play.  If the individual has a sluggish colon and hadn't taken proper measures for bowel detoxification, the toxins will have no where to go and will recirculate in the body making the individual horribly sick.

As for what to juice, for the most part think chlorophyll, think green.  Juice all types of vegetables.  Here are some suggestions on where to start: ginger root, carrots, broccoli, dark leafy greens, celery, bell pepper, garlic, parsley, cilantro, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, wheat grass and beets. (Juice no more than 1/2 a beet at a time.  Drinking a bunch of juiced beets at a time may make you vomit.)  Don't stop there, juice all types of vegetables.  If you need to sweeten it some, use apples, oranges, grapefruit, berries and grapes. If you need recipes, this is the book I use:

The objective in this healing endeavor is for life giving nutrients to saturate the blood and the cells. (I think that even for healthy people, saturating the body with phytonutrients is not a bad idea.  It feels pretty good!)   It is also for the nutrient rich blood to reach every square inch of the body.  This is where healing begins.  How long should one fast?  As long as it takes to clear the body of cancer.  Remember Joe Cross from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?  He went 60 days.  Chances are, however, that you will not need to go that long.  Juice fasting also restores the body to a healthy pH level which resides in alkilinity.  Remember, alkilinity equals life.  (Please go back to my post on The pH Miracle for more on pH balance.)

Step 3:  Restore healthy circulation to every square inch of the body 

The Standard American Diet does not foster good circulation.  Americans  suffer from clogged arteries, clogged colons, clogged foggy thinking, clogged everything.  Where blood cannot flow, sickness begins.  One way to unclog the systems of the human body that are sick is by hydrotherapy.  A couple decades ago my husband worked at the Weimar Center for Health and Education. The NEWSTART (TM) and Reversing Diabetes programs he was involved with included hydrotherapy for patients.  One simple hydrotherapy technique is the contrast shower. When showering switch the water temperature from as hot as can be tolerated for about three minutes or so to completely cold for 30 - 60 seconds (At least, this was the timing at Weimar.)  Also, the more extreme the temperature change, the more effective the results.  Several cycles of this must be done. Hot water dilates the blood vessels and blood is drawn to the tissues near the surface of the body.  When the water is cold, the blood vessels constrict and blood is driven to the deep tissues and organs of the body. In effect, what this does is to "work out" the circulatory system much like intense physical exercise would do.  Hydrotherapy sessions should be done between two and three times a day. Some benefits of hydrotherapy are that it stimulates the production of white blood cells in bone marrow, their release into the bloodstream, their circulation in the body, and their overall effectiveness. Once the body is "unclogged", blood can flow freely to the affected areas and bring healing.

Cold sheet treatments also are a form of hydrotherapy and should be a part of any cancer fighting program.  Dr. Shulze has specific instructions in his book There are no Incurable Diseases.

Exercise should not be neglected; it is important for boosting circulation and oxygenating the body.  Do what your body can tolerate, such as walking. Increase exercise as much as you can tolerate.  Exercise in the sun for your body to get the very important vitamin D which helps to fight cancer. (Please view my recent post on sun exposure.)

Step 4: Use cancer fighting herbs in your arsenal of healing weapons

Here is a list of herbs that have cancer fighting properties:  Chaparral, Chickweed, Dandelion, Eucalyptus, Garlic, Ginseng, Golden Seal, Irish Moss, Parsley, Poke Weed, Red Clover, Slippery Elm, Taheebo, Yellow Dock.  You could also use Rene Caisse's Essiac tea.  Don't forget Hoxsey's tonic. If you would rather get all your herbs in one location, Dr. Schulze has a very comprehensive herbal regimen with the highest quality herbs.

 Step 5: Take care of the spirit and have a positive mental attitude

Please do not think this is not important.  Emotions can and do tip the pH levels of your body.  The way you think can make or break your efforts.  If you are consumed with the thoughts of dying and are hopeless in your attitude, your body will follow suit.  If you harbor bitterness, anger or resentment, get counseling!  Do what it takes to be able to forgive.  Purge your mind and emotions of all negative thinkingLearn to love yourself. Clear your house of clutter, stop watching the news, create a sanctuary of healing, spend time in natural settings.  Brainstorm ways you can have a peaceful mindset.  Laugh like crazy.  One of the ways to make me laugh so hard are candid camera type shows or watching animals on America's Funniest Videos.  I laugh so hard my gut hurts and I cry.  Lastly, I believe in something much greater than myself and include prayer in my way of living. I invite you to consider that as a part of the healing process.

All steps mentioned above help to detoxify and oxygenate the body.  In essence, making the body inhospitable to the growth of cancer cells. 

If you are interested in a Do-It-Yourself at home therapy, look up Dr. Schulze's Incurables program. (This is by far my favorite therapy.)  If you want to go to a clinic for about ten days to get a good start with people who are very knowledgeable (Danny Vierra has had both Charlotte Gerson and Dr. Richard Schulze at his Health and Healing Crusades) go to Bella Vita.  You could also look into The Hippocrates Institute and The Gerson Therapy. I loved the documentary Food Matters, here are some suggestions I found on their site on what you should do when you have cancer.

In Part 3 - I will discuss what to do once you are cancer free.

If you are dealing with cancer, I wish you the best for a complete recovery!

Enjoy the Journey!