Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reversing Cancer Naturally - Part 1

This is probably the most important post for me since starting this blog.  I can't begin to explain the range of emotions I have on this topic.  Hopefully, by the time I'm done with this post, you will understand why.  I recently lost a dear friend who I considered like a father figure to cancer.  Now I have to witness how his wife, also a very close friend, grieves for him.  My husband lost his mother at the young age of 43 and other family members to cancer.  The ravages of this disease hit so close to home.  It hurts!  Although many would not agree with me on methodology, I believe it is my obligation to share what I have learned from my research on this topic.  All I ask is that you read this with an open mind.  Please take the time to view all the links and sources and if by the time I'm done, you still don't agree with me, then hopefully we can just agree to disagree.

First you are probably thinking, is it even possible to reverse cancer naturally?  Yes, It is absolutely possible with success rates of 50% to 80%. And if I were to contract cancer (which I never will - my diet and lifestyle is so detoxifying it just wouldn't be possible) I would choose a natural method for healing.

Max Gerson, developer of the Gerson Therapy
If it is possible to reverse cancer naturally, then why isn't it all over the news?  Why aren't doctors employing natural methods?  Why do doctors laugh and scoff at a natural approach to cancer treatment?  I have to say that the medical establishment, or the decision making people who decide what gets taught at medical schools have purposely omitted information because the cancer industry is a veritable cash cow!  Let's face the facts!  THERE WILL NEVER BE A CURE FOR CANCER!  Those in power will make sure of it!  Read this article about a company that is making strides, but is being totally ignored by the medical establishment.  There are many physicians who dare to think outside the box and are not too proud to ask questions or do their own research.  They are discovering that apparently what they have been taught in medical school isn't the whole truth. A side note: Youtube has a glitch again, please right click on all youtube links and open in a new window to view all youtube clips. (Check out this clip on Dr. Klapper, M.D. and his transition from being a conventional physician to an informed, self educated physician who is now an advocate of a plant based diet - 1hr, 22 minutes long with scenes that may not be appropriate for younger viewers.   There have been many who have made amazing discoveries of healing using inexpensive plants and foods that God has put on this earth in abundance for our use.  These doctors along with many naturopaths have been, ostracized, marginalized, imprisoned and branded as quacks. (Please watch this documentary (1 hr, 13 minutes) which recounts the experiences of Harry Hoxsey, Rene Caisse and Max Gerson.  If you haven't seen Food Matters yet, then please take the time to do so.  Excellent information! Finally, I will recommend the documentary film Harry Hoxsey - How Healing Becomes a Crime (1 hr, 22 min). 

Thankfully there are many people who, despite being advised against natural methods, have cured themselves of cancer naturally and are alive and well many years later. In this post I want to share with you the methods which brought them healing.

What is wrong with the conventional approach to cancer?  

To begin with, radiation and chemotherapy are carcinogenic in and of themselves.  It's like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.  You may be able to get rid of the cancer but your body becomes a breeding ground for new cancer cells to pop up all over.  Those who opt out of conventional treatment for no treatment at all will probably live longer.  Surgery weakens the body.  Any energy output from the body should be put towards detoxification, not healing of wounds.  Secondly, the cause of cancer is never addressed.  How do you know the cancer will not return?  Nutrition does not play a role at all with conventional treatments.  Just look at the garbage that is given to patients for food at hospitals - it's abhorrent! Lastly, the cost of conventional cancer treatments is astronomically expensive.  Did you know you could cure yourself of cancer with food and herbs you could grow in your own backyard including dandelion greens?  Other simple methods which should be included in effective treatment are juice fasting, colonics and hydrotherapy.  Yes, it can be that cheap!  

If you have cancer and still decide to do a conventional treatment, I urge you to consider juicing at the same time.  Once done with your treatment I suggest a detoxifying cleanse, I also would urge you to seriously consider an alkaline, plant based diet for life.

Meet the inspirational, brave and beautiful Kris Carr

Every now and then there are individuals who question authority and refuse to take No for an answer.  It would take an indomitable spirit to buck the system and doggedly search and find answers when they are obscured, hidden and maligned.  Such is the caliber of this amazing woman, Kris Carr.  She was diagnosed in 2003 with stage four of a rare form of liver cancer.  I urge you to take a look at her site, Crazy, Sexy Life.  Oprah Winfrey also did a segment on her.  (Did you notice Dr. Robert O. Young, author of pH Miracle, in the clip?)  She also has a video which documents her search for healing called Crazy, Sexy Cancer.  Her book and method for healing is Crazy, Sexy Diet.  She isn't cancer free.  But I truly believe that she would be dead today had she taken the conventional route.

Alternative Cancer Therapies

The absolute best approach to cancer is prevention.  Which is why I'm so crazy overboard on health.  I don't care what people think of me.  I love the way I eat and live!  Also, there is no therapy that guarantees a 100% recovery.  If you ever hear that claim, you had better believe that they are taking you for a bogus ride.  But there are therapies that have had between a 50 to 80% success rate (depending how toxic the patient's bodies are). These are the therapies I am most familiar with: Max Gerson's  Gerson Therapy, The Hippocrates Institute founded by the late Ann Wigmore and Dr. Richard Schultz's Incurable Program.  Study them all and decide which one works for you.  The method I like the most due to the sheer intensity of the program, is the one by Dr. Richard Schulze.  Dr. Schulze is, in my estimation, the foremost authority on herbal medicine and natural healing.  I have said this before and I'll say it again: I am not employed by Dr. Schulze.  I am a customer and witness to the power of his methods.  A friend of mine who was on a waiting list for a liver transplant heeded my advice.  He did Dr. Schulze's liver cleanse and within five days had a liver that was free of disease.  If you are leery of all sources because you think it's a money making scheme, then by all means, make your own herbal medicine.  Study all methods, find out what you need, purchase your organic heirloom seeds and do it all yourself.  Here is a book to get you started:  The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook by James Green available on is where you can get your heirloom organic medicinal seeds.  Happy gardening!

In Part 2 of Reversing Cancer Naturally, I will discuss what methods I think are crucial to a cancer busting program.  I will break down the steps and discuss how and why it works. 

Enjoy the Journey!