Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rise of the Superbugs, Dr. Greger's New Lecture and Reaching the GMO Rejection Tipping Point


In my last post, I should have included this documentary.  I didn't see it until after I posted, however.   I love Dr. Mercola's site - so informative ( I butt heads with him on promoting animal products as healthful though.)  Please take a look at this documentary called, "Rise of the Superbugs."  I have discussed how bad it is for people to use antibiotics like they're drinking water.  It is causing serious problems for the future.  Luckily, we are an informed crowd and know about alternative home remedies of healing like juice fasting, hydrotherapy and herbs.  DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEIR VALUE!  Make it a priority to get the books I have recommended just in case you need them.  Have high quality medicinal herbs stocked in your home.  You never know when they can come in handy.  Make it a priority to read as much as you can about these methods.

I'm gearing up to do my post on Charcoal.  I just attended a seminar in Silver Spring, MD to brush up on my facts.  I also picked up second charcoal book to cross reference.  I'm totally blown away but what this simple, humble product of nature is able to do.  I've heard it been called "black magic."  Yep, it's pretty darn close to it.  Next post!

Lecture by  Dr. Michael Greger. 

Dr. Greger has recently posted his lecture, "More Than An Apple a Day: Combating Common Diseases."  It recently went viral!  His delivery is also quite humorous (not for younger viewers).  I love the power of a plant based diet in being able to prevent and reverse the most common diseases.  He reviews the latest nutritional literature and has daily, weekly videos that are very informative.  Check out his lecture here.

 Reaching the GMO rejection tipping point

When I went to Jeffrey Smith's lecture in D.C.  He mentioned that when we reach a enough people who reject GMO's, manufacturers will begin dumping them from their products.  I keep hearing that we are not far off.  I recently saw a map of the world that showed how many countries have GMO labeling laws or have banned GMO foods altogether.  What is so disturbing is how the United States is completely blank on this map.   You may view the map here.  There must be some caustic miasma that hangs thick in the air in D.C. that makes all these politicians fall into a trance and forget their campaign promises.  I am not singling out any political party.  Both sides have their hands dirty with hush money.  This is why it is up to everyday people to reject GMO foods.  Do we really want the makers of DDT, Agent Orange and Roundup tinkering with the genetics of our food?  Certain businesses recognize the need to go GMO free.  Trader Joe's private label has been GMO free for some time now.  Whole Foods seems to be heading in that direction.  You can see where they stand on GMO's here.  Chipotle's will begin to label their GMO foods and eventually eliminating them from the menu altogether.   I say, let's support the businesses that are transparent and working towards eliminating GMO's from their foods. 
As for the those that don't well, Kroger's will begin to carry GMO salmon.  Tsk Tsk Kroger!  If you eat salmon, you may want to consider getting Alaskan wild caught instead.

I recently read that wild animals prefer non- gmo foods as well.  Too cute!  Check it out here.

Have a great day!