Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Some Interesting Documentaries and a 10k Mud Run

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post.  Sorry.  My life has been very busy spending time with family.  My grandmother passed away in Guatemala so the kids and I spent time with my dad in Boston.  My sister joined us as well.  In the lapse of time I've noticed a few documentaries. They have caught my attention since they cover topics I have discussed in previous posts.  Here they are:

 Some Interesting Documentaries

I have mentioned my concern for the loss of bees.  This should concern everyone.  A loss of polinators means a loss of food production.  Shortly after I shared my concern, I noticed a documentary I had not seen.  This documentary highlights  a problem that is nothing short of alarming.  Don't count on your politician to rectify the situation, regardless of what side of the political aisle he/she may be on. The alarm must be sounded loudly at the grass roots level to raise awareness and demand that something be done about it.  Please watch the trailer to the film here.

The next film will be shown free of charge at the Roots Market in Olney, MD.  I will not be seeing this one because I just can't stomach it.  I cannot stand how animals are treated in conventional farms.  It sickens and haunts me to no end.  If people want to eat meat, I really don't have a problem with that.  But there is a big difference in how animals are raised in small organic farms as opposed to conventional corporately raised farms.  I do have strong feelings against the inhumane treatment of conventionally raised animals.  (This trailer really is tame.  Try watching Earthlings.  I couldn't even watch the trailer to that film.)  What becomes of a society that can care less about other creatures? Creatures also made by the hand of God?

Eventually dues need to be paid.  Case in point: In the Shenanandoah Valley, VA there are some conventionally raised chicken farms.  (My stomach turns every time I drive by.) Not far there is an organic farm. This farm was featured in the documentary film, "Food Inc."  The animals in the organic farm are happy, healthy and are raised humanely.  However, there was a great loss of thousands of chickens at the conventional farm.  No kidding! How can the conventional approach to raising animals be sustainable in the long run?  Of course they blamed their losses on the organic farm.  How they spun that story would be quite interesting!  Abuse nature, use chemicals with reckless abandon, abuse animals, in the end, we only hurt ourselves with poor health and the loss of our all important natural resources.  Being a lover of animals, I'm more than glad to just eat vegan.  Here is more information of the screening of this film at RootsPeacable Kingdom - The Journey Home trailer is viewable here.

My son has dyslexia and probably would be diagnosed with ADHD.  We chose the drug free route for our son.  Our choice requires a lot of sacrifice, but when I consider the alternative, it is a choice I have no regrets about.  I just spoke to a woman who had both her children on Ritalin.  She said that the the amount, type and frequency of the drugs only escalated.  But she felt pressured to medicate them by the school they attended.  One of her sons is now dead.  He became addicted to other forms of  recreational drugs and eventually committed suicide. Below is a documentary film that is very moving and incredibly informative. If you don't have the time to view all of it, at least watch the first ten minutes of it.  I watched the entire film and it was well worth the time it took to watch it.  The film is titled,"The  Drugging of Our Children."  You may view the entire film here  You may also be interested in this article by natural news which states that ADHD is an invented disease.  This is no surprise to me.  Take the time to watch this film, it is very eye opening!

 Pill Poppers documentary film
The last film I want to share with you is one produced by the BBC.  "Pill Poppers" exposes the fact that the production of medications is not an exact science but more like shooting from the hip and standing back to see what happens!  And why not invent some diseases along the way to sell more medications?   Very interesting!  View the youtube documentary here.

A 10k mud run

Lastly, I ran a 10k mud run in July (Merrell Down and Dirty Mud Run).  I can't tell you how thrilling it was for me.  In dealing with arthritis, I really wondered if I would be able to run again.  I was able to conquer my arthritis by altering my diet. It just reinforced my belief that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made (psalm 139:14).  They are designed to heal in the most amazing way given the right tools and conditions.

Have a great day!