Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The End Of Antibiotics?

I have mentioned my concern for the increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistant superbugs on this blog.  I saw this very important article which include an excellent PBS documentary and had to share it.  Not only are there virulent strains of bugs that have become stronger than the antibiotics we have on the market, but pharmaceutical companies no longer plan to invest in making any new ones.  Not enough profit to make it worth it to them.  The implications are serious to say the least.  It is for this reason I have been emphatic that we become familiar with "antibiotics" we can find in nature.  Two I have mentioned are garlic and oregano (used in conjunction with hydrotherapy. ) Please take the time to read this article and strongly consider self-educating in regards to natural remedies.  I believe it very well may be what we need to fall back on in the future.

Coming up soon:  Natural Remedy- Bentonite Clay