Friday, April 26, 2013

The Food Revolution Summit 2013

I was not planning a post for today at all but I saw an online event that I thought I should pass onto you.  It begins on April 27 and runs until May 5.  It is sponsored by the same people who organized the Cancer World Summit.  This online event is called The Food Revolution Summit 2013.  Yet again, they have quite the lineup of excellent speakers.  I recently had the honor of meeting Jeffrey Smith at the GMO-free D.C. event.  He will be speaking at this online summit.  One of my first introductions to the scary way conventional food is produced was by reading John Robbins' book, Diet For a New America. Read it and weep!  Also take time to read his introduction to this event.  They will be covering some very important issues in regard to how our food is being produced and the far reaching implications of it!  Please Facebook, tweet or use any other social media to spread the word!