Thursday, December 22, 2011

Raw Food Resouces/ The Dirty Dozen

I promised you resources for non-perishable raw foods.  I have found these sources in raw food preparation books or from searching the web.  I encourage you to do the same.  Of course, this list is not exhaustive but I'm sure you could find just about anything you are looking for from these sites:

Sun Organic Farms:  This business carries nuts, seeds, grains, dates and other non perishables.

Living Tree Community:  Carries nuts, nut butters, oils, sweeteners, tea, raw chocolate and many other items.

Gold Mine Natural Food Co: Lots of foods from Asia such as nori, soba noodles, wakame sea weed, nama shoyu, tamari and miso.  It also carries foods such as dried fruits, legumes and brown rice.

Champlain Valley Apiaries:  This site carries honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and teas.

Mtn Honey: More honey and honey products on this site.

Honey Gardens:  This site also carries honey, syrups, salve and body care items.

Jaffe Bros. Natural Foods:  This site carries nuts, nut butters, sproutable seeds, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, rice, legumes, spices, olives, oil and other items.

Mountain Rose Herbs:  I buy organic raw coconut oil by the gallon from this site.  Best price around.  They also carry herbs, spices, seeds for sprouting, sea weeds, teas, bath and body care items.

Raw Guru:   I really like this site for its visual appeal.  They carry an immense amount of variety including superfoods, raw cacao products, oils, nuts, grains, seeds, appliances, Himalayan and sea salt, really raw almonds (extinct in California and most of U. S. because they're all pasteurized)  Awesome site!

If you just search for "raw foods" you'll find  scores of other websites that carry a wide assortment of products that raw foodists use in their diet.

I also promised to introduce you to the Dirty Dozen of pesticide laden produce.  Some of these fruits and vegetables contain up to 67 different types of pesticides according to this CNN article.  Compound that information with the size of children and you can imagine how toxic some of this produce can actually be.  

I'm in Puerto Rico at my sister's house through the holidays.  Can I tell you how nice it is to sit in the back terrace and feel the ocean breeze?  This is a welcomed respite from a mad whirlwind of activity the past few weeks.  I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season!  Be well, be safe and be healthy!

Enjoy the Journey!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Prevent Cancer / Chia Pudding For Breakfast

I'm interrupting my scheduled post again because of an article I read recently.  It is written by a physician whom I greatly respect and admire.  He also promotes healthful living through a plant based diet and active lifestyle.  I had the pleasure of hearing him and speaking to him several years ago at Modern Manna's Health and Healing Crusade in Lodi, CA.  In a recent article, he writes about the cause of Steve Jobs' death.  Steve Jobs' name is synonymous with Apple and Pixar, being the creative genius behind both successful business enterprises.  He was a strict vegan, so why did he die of cancer?  Mr. Jobs asked Dr. John McDougall to tell his story, to explain what happened due to his concern that the true story might be spun into a half truth.  Click here for the article.  Having read the article, I had to put in my two cents.  I believe that there are three major contributing factors to cancer.  Understanding them can help us to prevent the disease.

The first factor is the Standard American Diet (SAD) and sedentary lifestyle:  The first line of defense is diet and exercise.  Being vegan is a major help in preventing cancer but there is a very important aspect that must not be ignored by those who practice veganism.  The pivotal indicator to whether one is susceptible to disease or not is pH balance.  One can be vegan, have an acidic pH level and be prone to disease.  Or one could be vegan, with an alkaline pH level and have a body that fights and prevents disease.   This subject is so important that I plan to do a post on it in the very near future.  In a nutshell, cooked food, processed food and animal products promote acidity and raw foods promote alkalinity.  We must have an abundance of uncooked fruits, cruciferous vegetables, dark leafy greens, sprouted grains and soaked nuts.  We must eat a variety of fruits and vegetables that have as many colors as the rainbow.  Add regular exercise, purified water for hydration and hydrotherapy, adequate rest and meditation to the equation and you're on your way toward powerful health. 

The second factor is stress and emotions:  Stress and and emotions can also tip the pH balance scale.  Negative emotions contribute to acidity in the body.  That is why I say that it is important to focus your thoughts and emotions toward positive things.  Try to focus on thinking about what is beautiful.  Count your blessings.  Learn to forgive.  Control stress.  Hey, I've been through the mill and hit some tight spots in my life.  But what kept me going was hope.  Sure enough the sun does rise on a daily basis.  If the situation you are dealing with is within your control, then by all means, change your situation.

The third factor is exposure to chemicals, pollution and electromagnetic radiation:  All of these things are present in abundance in our modern world.  It is best to avoid as many chemicals as possible and use natural products.  Stop and think about what might be in your home?  Cleaning products, air fresheners, body lotions, toothpaste and perfumes are common culprits.  Also think about microwaves, cell phones and computers.  Become informed and use all precautions necessary when using these items.  It's not about being a nutty tree-hugging fanatic.  It's about cancer and disease prevention.  If the products you use contain ingredients that are cooked up in a lab, avoid them. I know a woman who suffered from debilitating chronic illness.  In desperation to be well, she sold her house by an airport where huge amounts of chemicals were sprayed, to relocate to a better location with cleaner air.  She regained her health when she moved.  Again, change what is within your power to change.  I have set as my Internet start page.  It keeps me informed of the latest news on important matters related to healthful living, including dangerous products we should seek to avoid.

I will not list genetics as a factor because I believe genetics is something that can be overcome.  At Weimar Center of Health and Education in California, one of the sayings their doctors would share with NEWSTART(TM) guests is, "Genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger."  How much of the genetic connection is actually the natural tendency of children to follow in their parents lifestyle choices in regard to diet and activity level?  For example, Dr. Richard Schulze was en route to the same fate of his parents -- death by heart disease.  He drastically changed his way of living and now he enjoys abundant health and is teaching thousands how to heal themselves of all sorts of diseases.

As for all the naysayers who blame Jobs' diet as a cause for his cancer, there will always be those who scoff at this way of living.  I've been the subject of derision and mockery.  The funny thing is that those who mock are usually the most sickly and unfit people I know. To me going raw is simply returning to what was originally intended for us.   Raw food has invigorated me so much, and the effects are so remarkable that they  have impelled me to begin this blog -- something I had no intention of ever doing.  I also can see the visible effects on other people who choose this diet for themselves.  They glow with health.  I challenge anyone who criticizes this way of living to try it for themselves for a few months and then go back to the Standard American Diet (SAD) and note the difference in how they feel.

On a different note, I have found another option for breakfast -- chia seed pudding.  Chia seed is the same seed that is used for the chia pets.  What a waste to use it as a little mini garden nicknack.  It actually is a superfood that was used and revered by the Mayans.  They used it as currency and in their worship to their gods.  The Spanish, in an effort to forcibly convert the Mayans to Catholicism, outlawed this amazing seed.  I am a descendant of the Mayan people of Guatemala and Spanish conquistadors.  I should have known of this seed all along.  My mother wild harvested this seed when she was growing up in Guatemala to add to drinks and other foods.  Now as an adult, I have rediscovered this superfood of my ancestors and am fascinated by the history and politics behind my new breakfast option.

To make a pudding, take about 1/4 cup of chia seed.  Put it into a breakfast bowl.  Add either almond milk or coconut milk to fill the bowl.  I sweeten it slightly with agave nectar.  Add a pinch of salt to it.  Let it sit for 30 to 40 minutes.  The seeds will plump up and fill the bowl.  It has the slippery consistency of tapioca.  It is very low in calories and high in nutrition, protein, antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids.  Chia is especially good for athletes or those seeking to lose weight. You can find it at your local health food store,, or buy in bulk online at this site.

Enjoy the journey!