Monday, October 21, 2013

A Success Story, The Latest GMO News and a Teenage Reverses Her Cancer Naturally

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

I'm checking in from Venice with this post.  I received some interesting emails I thought I would pass along.  I really enjoy reading healing testimonials and thought you would too.  Dr. John McDougall is the first nutritionally informed physician I started to follow many moons ago.  Read this story of a woman who conquered her rheumatoid arthritis by changing her diet.  Very inspirational!

I so want such biotech industries like Monsanto to collapse.   As we are touring Europe, we really don't worry about gmo's here.  They are not allowed in Europe.  The U.S. is blatantly in the dark about genetically modified foods. This has created so much mistrust of our government and media for me.  I don't even bother to turn on the news anymore.  It upsets me that someone else is deciding for me what I should be informed about.  I don't like for my opinions to be pushed and swayed by someone who has an agenda.  I'll find my own news, do my own cross comparisons and think for myself. Here is the latest on GMO news.  This bit of news gives me hope.

Lastly, another great cancer reversal story from Chris' blog.  A teenager reverses her cancer with a raw food diet.  So awesome!

Brief post, I know but I'd rather be walking Venice right now.  I'm sure you understand!

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Herbal Products To Use While Traveling

My husband, Nathan and I at Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg, Austria
I'm writing from Berlin, Germany, which is part of a month long European excursion for us.  I so enjoy traveling whether at home in the U.S. or abroad, and I savor every moment I get to do it.  I love appreciating new vistas, flavors and unusual experiences.  It just feels like an adventure to me.  I love getting lost in some town and just exploring it and discovering the hidden paths and alleys.  Some can be really inviting!  The one thing I have found out is that a wonderful traveling experience can be ruined by unexpected sickness.  Blah!  It has happened to me!  No fun at all.

The good news is that we can do certain things to help prevent and treat some of the more common ailments.  You probably remember my love for Dr. Schulze and his products.  Here are some tips and herbal products that I have discovered  can be useful to help deal with the unexpected.

Increase Immunity Before Leaving

First, it is important to boost your immune system before going on a trip. Avoid sugar for the weeks leading  up to a trip.  There is nothing like sugar to compromise your immune system.  If you want to be healthy and well, just skip it.  Increase the amount of raw food you eat prior to your trip. Consider using echinacea and adding oregano, turmeric and garlic to your diet. I recommend also purchasing echinacea extract to take along.  Avoid foods that can trigger a reaction.  I know my joints begin to act up soon after I eat gluten so I try my best to not crumble under temptation!  My husband had to scold me for trying some crusty, scrumptious, freshly baked European bread.  Ahh!  Torture!  But I know that I will be walking a whole lot and I don't want to be in pain so I do my best to endure! 

Using Supplements

I like to take Dr. Schulze' Superfood every morning.  I feel better knowing that I am covering my bases nutritionally.  I purchase it in powder form and mix it with water and down it first thing in the morning.  My husband and kids mix it with juice.  On this trip we purchased the Superfood bars that are really convenient for packing along.  No mixing required! 

Some Other Effective Herbal Products

There's nothing worse than dealing with food poisoning or other digestive issues when away from home.  But that's where certain products come in to fix the situation.  If there is food poisoning or diarrhea, use charcoal in slurry or tablet form. Use more than you think you need.  Most people make the mistake of taking too little.  Dr. Schulze Intestinal Formula No. 2 is also effective in dealing with diarrhea.  If you are dealing with constipation from trying so many new foods that plug you up, use IntestinalFormula No. 1. Better take Intestinal formula No. 1 with food.  It contains  a lot of garlic and can cause a stomach ache if taken on an empty stomach.  Another fantastic product is Dr. Schulze's Digestive Tonic.  It helps settle nausea or an upset stomach.

Drink Plenty Of Water

It is easier to get dehydrated when traveling.  Be mindful of getting enough water and get in the habit of always carrying a bottle of water.  My husband has a small filtration bottle he carries just in case we cannot find bottled water to purchase.  Doesn't taste as great but it beats the alternative. 

Here are some lovely, inviting, vistas and paths I have found during our travels.

We rented a spunky standard shift Citroen.  Here we are in a village in the Bavarian countryside.  So lovely!  Driving on the autobahn was interesting! I didn't feel comfortable driving faster than 90 miles per hour.  Some cars flew past me as if I were standing still!

San Souci, Potsdam, Germany

One thing that I enjoyed was when I thought Ihad seen the most breathtaking view, I would turn the corner and my breath would be taken away...again!
View from our hotel window in Salzburg.  Amazing isn't it?

Gardens by a cathedral in Salzburg

Had to add these guys.  I was meeting them when the Ram head butted the others as if to say, "Hey, I want to meet her too!"  I love it!

My month of travel in Europe isn't over yet.  I hope to post more as long as I can access the internet.

Have a great day!