Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Natural Remedy: Herbs

"The fruit shall be for food and the leaves shall be for medicine." Ezekiel 47:12

"And the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations." Rev 22:2

Herbs are safer to use than drugs

I have had an interest in natural healing for a few years now.  It spawned from my interest in reversing cancer naturally and is still very much deep within my bones.  I have discovered that it is not hard to get healthy or to heal certain conditions.  I also discovered that natural methods are attainable by everyday people willing to take the time to research.  Natural remedies are also low risk and economical. I share my resources and their methodology with anyone who is willing to listen.  There is certainly an awakening in society towards natural methods of healing but I find more often than not that most people are wary of using herbs or natural methods.  Just a few decades ago the use of herbs was used by the fringe hippies of society and it seemed that only the free spirited willing to venture beyond box thinking would stumble across healing.  Mainstream society still eyes natural methods as dangerous.  After all, it is not regulated by the FDA.  Well then, let's just take a look at the FDA.  When you have former heads of Monsanto at the helm of the FDA with mainstream media as their mouthpiece, do you honestly think that they have your well being in mind?  The FDA says that genetically modified franken foods are safe.  Brain cell killing aspartame (sweetener in diet sodas), msg and other excitotoxins are also stamped with the seal of approval by the FDA.  Recently there was a world-wide march against Monsanto, the mainstream media did not report on it at all.  Did you hear about it on the evening news?  I didn't.  It seems to me that the entities we have long trusted to protect the public are not really about protecting the people but protecting their own interests.  Here's a look at what pharmaceutical medications can do.  Pharmaceutical medications are responsible for 290 deaths per day and a staggering 106,000 deaths per year.  Take a look at this article that discusses how there was a scant amount of deaths or none at all attributed to the use of herbs and supplements in 2008.  Yet, the fear of using herbs still exists which baffles me quite frankly.  Yet those who have successfully employed the use of natural remedies helping many to heal have been subject to raids and imprisonment.  There is currently legislation in the process right now that would limit our rights to supplements.  It tells me that big pharma has been incredibly successful at deflecting attention and pointing fingers at their competitors who dare share their affordable methods of healing.  As a business they have to protect their highly lucrative monopoly on healing.  Since they have friends in high places (the government), they can push their weight around.

The use of herbs is nothing new.  As seen from the texts at the beginning of this post, herbs have been used for thousands of years.  There's about 188 references in the Bible on the use of medicinal herbs and in my opinion, what God intended for healing.  Think about the side effects that you can find with any bottle of medication and research the possible outcomes, invariably death is listed in the fine print.  While herbs are readily recognized by the human body, they don't just mask symptoms like drugs do and they bring about true healing.

As a side note:  If you find me in a car wreck and I look beat up, please call 911.  I believe there are some very necessary drugs that are life saving.  I, however, believe that a disservice is done to ourselves when all we turn to are pharmaceutical medications.

My sources for quality herbs

I would like to share with you my sources for herbs and methods for healing.  I have mentioned Dr. Richard Schulze with you before.  He is in my opinion, the foremost authority on natural healing.  I suggest for you to sign up for his blog, get on his mailing list, buy his books, get his catalogue and use his herbs.  If there is one word I can use to describe his herbs it would be "quality".  I helped a man reverse his liver condition using Schulze's herbs and methodology.  He was waiting for a liver transplant and also had kidney problems.  I told him, "just try a cleanse since you are already waiting."  He listened to me and did the cleanse.  His liver cleared and the side effect he also experienced was that his kidneys cleared and healed as well.  The doctors scratched their heads in disbelief.  They ran the tests again and couldn't explain how he didn't have any liver or kidney issues anymore.  I have another tidbit of info to add.  Dr. Schulze' tinctures have a shelf life of about 5 to 10 years if unopened.  So they are excellent if you want to store some for emergency use.  His emergency herbs would be cayenne and lobelia. Cayenne can help to protect vital organs during a heart attack or stroke.  Lobelia is a bronchial dilator and antispasmodic herb.  Take the time to read up on these life saving herbs.

I also like another company called doTerra.  They formulate essential oils from medicinal herbs that are an excellent source to replace all the medications you may currently have in your medicine cabinet.   I really like On Guard which is their oil combo that has been shown to inhibit MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph bacteria).  On Guard is also good for killing airborne pathogens, colds and sore throats, all sorts of bacteria and viruses. Ask for their medicine cabinet makeover flyer.  You could also purchase their family physician kit or emergency preparedness kit.  Both these kits come with a CD that instructs in the use of each essential oil combination.  doTerra has a protocol for lyme's disease which thrills me because I love running my trails in the woods and I really don't care to stop doing that because of some nasty ticks.  (Oregano, clove, cassia, On Guard and Lifelong vitality are used for lyme in various quantities depending on when infected.)  My distributor demonstrated to me how one oil (it was an essential oil of lemon or orange- can't remember which) could eat through the bottom of a styrofoam cup.  Karen explained that it destroys toxins but it is healing and alkalizing to the body.   My distritubutor is Karen Vasecka who happens to be a regional health coach for Green Smoothie Girl Robyn Openshaw. Email her with any questions: karen.rob840@yahoo.com

I also like Danny Vierra's herbal formulations or Hope for Health.   I'm sure you can find more quality sources of herbs.  Do yourself a favor and do your homework.  Don't just buy any herb from some fly-by-night company.  There are many companies that take shortcuts and buy cheap, weak herbs which are irradiated and then people wonder why they're not effective.

Miracle herb

There a lots of excellent herbs that are amazing at healing but I want to showcase one that is spectacular.  While at the seminar at Andrews University, Don Miller, a Uchee Pines trained naturopath, told us many stories of healing.  He traveled the world to remote regions to teach the local people how to heal themselves since they didn't have hospitals or doctors and suffered terribly from various ailments.  One young boy had a gaping wound that would surely become infected and gangrenous without treatment.  Don treated him with Comfrey.  I was amazed by the ability of this herb to treat his wound.  Comfrey is used to help heal joints, ligaments, muscle and tissue.  The boy's leg was saved and healed well.  Comfrey grows like a wild weed and is incredibly easy to grow.  Check last link for more information on this herb and how to use it as medicine.

Controversial herb

I wanted to touch upon a controversial topic.  I am against using any kind of mind altering recreational drug.  That should be pretty clear from my blog.  I don't even drink alcohol because I like to keep my mind sharp and clear at all times. That said, I do think we should not throw out the use of medical marijuana without a second look.  It has incredible anti-cancer properties and excellent in treating seizures and epilepsy.    If you are worried about the "high", there are varieties that are non psychoactive that help to treat epilepsy.  There is also a way to use other varieties without inducing a high.  Read following article and link.  Keep it in mind if you are dealing with cancer or epilepsy.

Make your own herbal medicine

If you are a hands on person and would like to make your own herbal medicine these are the books I recommend. The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook by James Green,  Herbally Yours - by Penny C. Royal (this book is a reference guide to know what herb to use for what ailment) I also recommend  The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia by Vance, Ferrel, Archbold, M.D. and Cherne, M.D.  This book is excellent and lists about 700 medical conditions and what protocol to follow in reversing them.   When growing herbs be sure to purchase non-gmo heirloom seeds.  Horizonherbs.com is a good source for medicinal herbs.  I noticed that naturalnews.com sells non gmo seeds.  Institute for Responsible Technology has a non gmo seed finder on their site.

It's very satisfying to be able to reverse medical conditions naturally.  Healing shouldn't be expensive or unattainable.  Read, read, read through the sources I provided.  I'm sure you can find other natural remedy sources, especially on Amazon.  Here's to your health!

Enjoy the Journey!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day

My Dad signing his marriage certificate on his wedding day to my mom

My parents emigrated from Guatemala to the United States in 1969 in search of a better life and place to raise a family.  My Father's method for child rearing was most definitely old school.  He had a desire to instill in his daughters values that were of utmost importance to him.  I remember how much he stressed the importance of an education and to take pride in the labor of our hands.  He also wanted us to recognize how blessed we were and to always extend a helping hand to those less fortunate.  Propriety, honesty, etiquette and character were things he sought to mold in his daughters.  But above all, he wanted us to always love and reverence God.  I must admit that when I was a teenager I resented how strict he was.  In my quiet rebellion I would inwardly roll my eyes and shirk off the advice and pearls of wisdom he sought to give me.  I now have nothing but gratitude for his desire to instill the best in my sisters and me.  I now see how my sisters and I are seeking to instill the same values in our own children.  I only hope that we will do half as good a job as he did.  I'm so grateful to have a father who cared enough to pass on the best to us.  I'm also grateful to my husband who is fully engaged in the raising of our own children.  It takes just one look at our prison system to see what the absence of a father's positive influence and involvement in the life of his child can lead to.

To all the men who have stepped up to take on the role as "Dad" and are making a difference in the next generation, have a wonderful Father's Day!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two Amazing Transformational Stories

I love to see when someone grabs hold of the power of plant foods and uses it to transform their lives!  Sometimes radically!  I want to share with you two testimonials that are absolutely amazing and inspiring.  The first is of a woman who reversed her cancer by going on a 100% raw food diet.  She also used other methods that included juice fasting.  Her physical transformation alone is amazing.  She went from unfit and sickly to absolutely glowing with life.  She also experienced an emotional transformation.  I think it's inevitable.  If you understand what plant foods can do, especially when raw, you'll know that they can make you happy just to be alive.

The second is of another woman who switched to a plant based diet, although not 100% raw.  100% raw is great for reversing the irreversible but not everyone needs to go that far.  Take a look at this inspiring story!

Coming up soon: Natural Remedy - Herbs

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Becoming Aquainted With Natural Remedies: Hydrotherapy


My heartfelt prayers go out to the victims in Oklahoma.  So much sad news!

I have a few more articles for you to see on the subject of mastectomies for the prevention of cancer.  The first is from celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder.  The second is from Dr. John McDougall.  Lastly, there is another great article by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  Please take the time to read them.  They have compelling information to share.

Natural Remedies

Hippocrates, The Father of Modern Medicine, uttered an incredibly profound and insightful statement that should have spoken loudly to people of all ages: "Let food be thy medicine."  Unfortunately, like so many other unsung heroes, and brilliant teachers birthed my mankind, his teachings have fallen to forgetfulness.  Robyn Openshaw states that a high raw plant based diet will reverse about 80% of conditions. Beyond that, if there are life threatening conditions like cancer, I would also consider a 100% raw diet including juice fasting, herbs, hydrotherapy and colonics. (This approach is by no means limited to reversing cancer, but helps the body regain wellness with various conditions.) There are instances, however, when ear aches, influenza and other conditions can weaken the best of us. Therefore, becoming acquainted with natural remedies can really be a help in such situations. I believe every household should build a collection of books on natural remedies. You only need a few.  Knowing what to do in certain situations that require medical attention when there is none to be found can make all the difference! Can it happen? As long as there are natural disasters, as long as hospitals can be overrun to overflowing - Yes, absolutely! Natural Remedies do not take the place of an Emergency Room, but they can help in many situations.  

History of Using Natural Remedies

Some of the methods I will be sharing with you were used to save many people from dying during the flu pandemic in the early part of last century.  These therapies have been used in the past successfully by our forefathers, but have long since been abandoned because of the highly successful marketing of pharmaceutical medications.

I have mentioned that last summer I attended a natural remedies seminar at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. It just so happened that after we were done with the workshop, my sister's mother-in -law who was visiting the area at the time had excruciating pain in her back, radiating down her leg.  Her son who is a physician (my sister's husband) gave her medication, but the pain continued.  She was in tears and couldn't sleep or even walk from her pain. My husband and I offered to do a hot fomentation to ease her pain. (Please check out the last link, it includes how-to videos produced by Agatha and Calvin Thrash.) It only took a short while from the time we started before she relaxed and was able to fall asleep. We continued with this treatment, coupled with massage, every evening and she continued to improve.

I have shared with you in a previous post a hydrotherapy technique useful for staving off the flu (and also in dealing with cancer.)  Near the end of this past winter, my son began to show symptoms of sickness. I prepared a hot bath for him and gave him a warm tea made of garlic and grapefruit. I kept him in the bath for at least 20 minutes and had him finish with a cool shower. He went straight to bed after his shower. The next morning he showed no signs of sickness and resumed his activities as normal.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy can help with such conditions as arthritis and muscle, joint and nerve pain. It also can help with boosting the immune system and increasing white blood cells when dealing with the flu or cold. If there is a part of the body that is injured or has impaired circulation, that area should be treated using hydrotherapy.  Insomnia and stress can also be alleviated by using hydro.  Hydrotherapy can help to loosen tight muscles. It aids the process of detoxification by improving circulation. It also helps to hydrate cells, thereby improving skin tone. 

Because each type of hydrotherapy application has a list of contraindications, I will not give you detailed instructions for various treatments. Instead, I will direct you to books you can purchase inexpensively as references in case you need them.  These therapies are designed to be used at home.

I suggest trying to pick up one or two of the following books. Dr. Agatha Thrash has written a few and If you can get a hold of any of her books (Amazon) I would highly recommend them. These are some titles of her books: Home Remedies, Natural Remedies and Health Care For Your Child. You can also call Uchee Pines Institute for her books. Another book I recommend is Hydrotherapy - Simple Treatments For Common Ailments by Clarence Dail, M.D., and Charles Thomas, PhD. Amazon also has other hydrotherapy books you can consider. Be sure that they are designed for home use.

You can also go to NEWSTART(R) Lifestyle Club's site for a quick three minute how-to video for using hydrotherapy for arthritis or to natural-health-restored.com for more detailed instructions on how to use hot fomentations or other forms of hydrotherapy at home. I highly recommend this site!

Enjoy the Journey!