Monday, March 18, 2013

The Unexpected Benefits of Grounding

It's spring time in Maryland and I'm thrilled.  I love to see the snow drops and crocus flowers popping up out of the ground this time of year.   It is cold today but I don't care.  My favorite season is right around the corner and that's enough to send my spirits soaring.  I love the warmer weather, the fragrances, colors and sounds of the season.  One of my favorite things to do has always been to walk barefoot in grass.  As much as I was scolded by my mom for doing so, I never understood why I loved it so much, I just did.  As I have become acquainted with grounding, or earthing, I have a better understanding why I so love being outside soaking up rays and walking barefoot in the grass.

Earthing/grounding sounds like a concept that originated with some Eastern swami guru.  I can imagine an aging man sitting in lotus position and chanting "om." I can imagine him communicating the idea of connecting with your surroundings, the earth, the universe....  But the origins of earthing are far from what I just described.  As a matter of fact, there are many scientific studies that I find absolutely astounding.  It's no secret that I love alternative methods for healing.  There is a limit to what I will ascribe to, however.  Without naming therapies, I prefer therapies that are more tangible in nature.  I need to be able to wrap my brain around an idea and understand it.  I prefer to see studies and science.  Just my personal preference.

Just a Cable Guy
Clint Ober is just a cable guy (his term to describe himself, not mine).  He had been an extremely successful businessman "specializing in developing cable television systems, as well as broadcast television and microwave communication properties."  (Earthing - Ober, Sinatra and Zucker p27)  During a time of self reflection over his life accomplishments, he had a growing desire for purpose in his life.  It was during this time that he had a stroke of genius while watching tourists walk by.  He looked at their feet and understood that they were insulated from the electrical current that is available by walking barefoot.  Clint had a firm grasp on the properties of electromagnetic radiation.  He understood that for the picture quality to come through crisp and clear on a television, the lines had to be grounded and insulated from all the extraneous air waves that pollute our environment.  He wondered what would happen if people were to connect electrically to the ground.  He then proceeded to find out. He first started by grounding himself and then grounding his friends.  His experience was to sleep so soundly that he did not stir until the next morning.  His friends were beginning to feel really good as well.  They mentioned being able to get off medications because arthritis symptoms were beginning to disappear.  Clint Ober had just stumbled upon a very important concept unknown to the "civilized world."

Ober also had a recollection of a Native American family he knew growing up in Montana.   His friend's sister became very ill with scarlet fever.   Her grandfather proceeded to dig a pit, built a fire close by and set the girl in the pit while he watched over her.  She consequently recovered very quickly.  He remembers the adults telling the children.  Take your shoes off, they will make you sick.  The native people of this land are far better acquainted with nature than the rest of us "civilized" people are.  Our ignorance of the gifts found in nature has been much to our detriment.

What Are Negative Ions/Electrons?
So what is it that we receive when we walk barefoot on the ground?  They are called negative ions.  It's the reason why so many people love to walk barefoot on the beach, spend time in natural settings or, as in my case, run trails in the woods.  The air is replete with negative ions.  Compare that feeling to being cooped up stories high in an office building, perhaps in a cubicle behind a computer screen.  No sun or fresh air and no electrical connection to the ground, and nothing but endless electrical lines, computer cables, electronics cords, etc. emitting harmful electromagnetic radiation. On the contrary, naturally occurring negatively charged ions or electrons behave like antioxidants in the body, discharging unhealthful positive ions.  (When it comes to electrical charges in the body, "positive" is bad and "negative" is good.) Negative ions help to calm inflammation and enhance sleep.

Some Interesting Clips
Now this is the stuff that blows me away! If you've already seen this clip from Longevity Now conference, skip it - but I had to share it again.  You can read  this article from natural news or this oneWatch this excellent video by Dr. Sinatra at  Even the illustrious Dr. Oz chimed in on the practice of grounding.  So what is the take away point from this post?  As the weather gets warmer, get outside with your bare feet and enjoy the great outdoors!  Take time to do so everyday.  If you have trouble with sleep or inflammation, consider grounding yourself while you sleep. Grounding sheets can be costly but there are other less expensive options like just buying a grounding pad.  A friend of mine who is electronically inclined made his own for less than twenty dollars. 

As For the Scoffers...
I recognize that there are many scoffers in regards to this practice.  There are a lot of things I believe that people would laugh at.  I believe that cancer can be reversed naturally.  I believe that if the human body can heal, it is in spite of  the medications we subject it to.   I believe that there is an intelligence and purposeful support of life behind the healing properties of the natural world.  The food and herbs that grow from the earth imbue healing and strength to the human body by design and not by accident. Grounding or earthing is just another piece of the puzzle that fits in so well.  

Consider Also: 
Artificial lighting during the night shift triggers breast cancer in women - but moonlight is the exception.  Did you know that if our planet's orbit were shifted by even a slight margin, it would be unsuitable to sustain life?  Is it any wonder I have such a fascination with the natural world?  What also amazes me is how the ingredients for healing are so much more affordable than conventional medicine.  I mean, come on!  Dandelion greens have anti-cancer properties? Wow! The humble ingredients and methods have outperformed and confound the methods of the lofty and the learned!  With all the talk of nationalized healthcare, all we need to do is look to natural methods for a more economical and far more effective way to create health.  Then hospitals could serve a better purpose - treating emergencies.  How's that for some juicy skeptic fodder?

Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, March 4, 2013

In Search of Truth

I know I need to be getting to my post on grounding and another on natural remedies, but I saw this cartoon and couldn't help but blog on it.  I find it so disheartening when people are so complacent about what they buy into.  I know a young couple who are riddled with sickness, lethargy and depression.  They wonder why their hair falls out or why they are constantly dealing with migraines.  They are constantly seeing the doctor looking for the perfect wonder drug to cure all that ails them.  Yet what they live on is very telling.  They eat nothing but junk food, fast food, beer and are chain smokers.  They never go outside to breath pure fresh air.  I have approached them with information about healthful living and they just scoffed at it.  Sickness does not come about like spontaneous combustion.  Sickness is created. Thankfully, however, sickness can also be reversed.  But what is often most difficult to reverse with many individuals is their way of thinking.  

As a society we have been taught to receive information from the "experts" without ever questioning it.  So many people are smug and complacent because they got educated on something from the evening news. (Don't even get me started on that!) I am not expecting for my readers to believe everything I share, but I certainly hope that my readers will learn to do one thing. Think for yourselves! Read, learn and investigate!  I always ask, Why do I believe what I believe?  I then proceed to find out. We all have been given working brains. Let's use them. Nothing is worse than when someone just follows the crowd like a blind sheep to the slaughter. I don't believe in being a helpless victim. I believe in taking charge of my life, my health and, hopefully, inspire a few people along the way to do the same. Sorry for getting carried away with this but the scenario portrayed in this cartoon is just so true and so sad at the same time. I suggest, let's stand out from the crowd. Let's seek truth and wisdom, and dare to be different!

If you are looking for tips on improving your health, read through my healthy habits posts.

Enjoy the Journey!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr Michael Greger at Great Sage

 It was great to go to Dr. Michael Greger's lecture at Great Sage.  He shared an abundance of information that was so valuable.  In a cyber world where information is liberally shared, how do you learn to navigate through it all and find what is truly sound and good?  I appreciate what he had to say in this regard.  What is good will rise to the top.  I personally do appreciate when ideas are backed by studies.  Science does make for better ground to stand on.  Even before looking at the studies, my reason for believing that the vegan diet is best is that it is the diet of the longest lived people in the world.  If you want to avoid medications as you grow older, live longer and stronger, the vegan diet is the way to go.  Be sure to get on Dr. Greger's mailing list.  Excellent information!

I have no intention of replicating his lecture, but I will share some of the highlights.  There is nothing quite like a vegan diet to stop cancer in its tracks.  Watch this if you haven't already.  A lacto-ovo vegetarian diet does not come close to the stopping power of a vegan diet.  Dr. Greger was clear that a vegan diet should comprise of whole foods including both cooked and plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.  This means vegan foods that are not processed.

Another stellar accomplishment of the a vegan diet is how it can prevent or reverse several conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, COPD, kidney failure, respiratory infections, etc.  Many times one can see results within two weeks of changing their diet.

The last aspect of the lecture that stood out for me was that a vegan diet can improve one's mood.  I have touched upon this before.  It really can do wonders.

If you would like to see his lecture, you can view it here. It is titled Uprooting The Leading Causes of Death.  I felt so honored to meet Dr. Greger!  If you want cutting edge scientific information on nutrition, I highly suggest you visit his site as often as possible or better yet, get on his mailing list!

Enjoy the Journey!