Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Say A Prayer For The Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

It is hard to see images of the destruction caused by the storm.  My prayers are with all who have been seriously affected by Hurricane Sandy by losing property or loved ones.  May God's grace sustain you during this difficult time.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Healing Cancer World Summit and a New Documentary

I was planning to do a post on the importance of drinking water but there are so many good things that have popped up that I had to share them with you.  First is an article on cancer.  I don't agree with Dr. Mercola on everything.  For instance, I believe that a primarily plant based diet provides all essential nutrients needed by the human body and animal products are not necessary whatsoever.  However, there is a lot of common ground I share with Dr. Mercola and I would rather focus on that.  He posted on new cancer research findings that are pretty amazing.  I have always believed that chemotherapy accelerates the growth of cancer cells because it is so toxic.  Now research is showing that it actually makes cancer cells resistant to treatment.  As seen in a few of my previous posts, this does not surprise me at all.  Don't expect to hear about this on the evening news.  I do not trust main sources of information for info on health and nutrition .  I find that they will spout off whatever they are paid to spout off.  I would rather see sources that answer to no one and have nothing to lose for sharing the truth like natural news

The next thing I wanted to share with you is The Second Annual Healing Cancer World Summit.  Why on earth did I not hear about it the first time around?  Anyhow, this time of year there are pink ribbons everywhere.  Like Chris Wark from Chris Beat Cancer blog, I do not support The Race for the Cure.  I believe it is a waste of money and resources to fuel one of the biggest scams of all time.  The powers that be will not allow for a cure because they are making an insane amount of money.  Take time out of your schedule, however, to view something that will not tax you financially and can help you become informed on natural methods of healing cancer.  It is such a shame that physicians and scientists that are making amazing discoveries have to risk their careers to share this all important information.  Of their many speakers, I recognize Kris Carr from Crazy, Sexy Cancer, Chris Wark from Chris Beat Cancer blog and Mike Adams from Natural News.  

Lastly, there is a documentary that I believe everyone should watch.  I am very leery of pharmaceuticals.  There are some very necessary drugs, but are they all?  My son and I could be dead today had it not been for modern medicine to help me during childbirth.  How much of it is really necessary and how much has been pushed on us for profit?  The Greater Good explores the topic of vaccinations, a topic that has bothered me for a very long time.  Please take the time to watch it!  

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Feeding Our Children The Absolute Best Nutrition

When I was in the hospital after giving birth to my son, our diet came up in conversation with the nurse.  I told her that we are vegan.  She gave me a very worried look.  Although there are many doctors (Phycisians Committee for Responsible Medicine) and nurses who are more informed about nutrition, it seems that nutritional ignorance is what is most prevalent in the medical community.  As seen in this clip, they barely touch upon the topic when they are in school, so by design they are prepped to feed the pharmaceutical money-making machine.  The nurse called the nutritionist to visit with us - presumably to set us straight.  We told the nutritionist what our dietary choices are and being far more informed than the nurse, she had no problem with it and just smiled at having been called at all.  I have never fed my children any dairy and I can assure you, they have strong bones and bare no semblance to slithering octopi.

If, however, I were to feed my kids plenty of dairy foods, take them to McDonald's, let them eat whatever candy, soft drinks or junk food that so liberally is given to children these days, no one would ask me about the absence of nutrients in their diet...unbelievable!  I read this article and really thought you should too.  I met Dr. John McDougall, MD during a Q & A session in California at Danny Vierra's Health and Healing Crusade.  I consider him to be a pioneering physician who dared to do his own research and educate himself in regards to the consequences our dietary choices.  Please take the time to read this very important article.

Arian Foster is a running back for the Houston Texans.  With adult diseases becoming prevalent among children, he has determined to be a good role model to those who look up to him.  He consequently has decided to become a vegan.  Take a look at this clip where he relates his reasoning in regards to his diet and lifestyle.

Enjoy the journey!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Antioxidants and Free Radicals at the Molecular Level

Antioxidant electron stabalizing a free radical
At the Natural Remedies Workshop at Andrews University, I learned something amazing about how antioxidants and free radicals work at the molecular level.  Our cells are made up of many molecules.  When we compromise our health by eating the wrong foods and top that off with stress, drugs and negative emotions, we create free radicals in our bodies.  (As you probably already know, free radicals are responsible for creating a myriad of diseases and premature aging.) The molecules of a free radical lose an electron and become very unstable.  In an attempt to create balance again, the molecule goes in search of another electron, stealing it from another molecule.  This makes the molecule that has lost an electron unstable as well.  This process continues until the cell's health is compromised to the point of mutation, creating an environment that is highly reactive and unstable.  Cancer is a disease that is comprised of cells that multiply out of control because they are mutated.  With this in mind, one can understand the reason for concern about eating foods from plants that have been genetically modified (GMO foods).  The solution to counteract oxidation at the cellular level is to consume antioxidant rich foods.  The picture above illustrates that antioxidants have many electrons and they behave in the body by donating electrons to unstable molecules that are incomplete, making the molecule stable again.  This process in which antioxidants restore stability to unstable molecules helps reverse major degenerative diseases.  Fascinating isn't it?  So what does this mean to us in practical terms?  Eat an overabundance of fruits and vegetables!  Check out this YouTube clip that illustrates this process.

Enjoy the Journey!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Is There A Natural Alternative To Plastic Surgery and Botox?

I love eating clean, raw foods. (My diet is 90-95% raw.)  I exercise faithfully, it's just one of my passions. But after two pregnancies, all that has not been able to restore the elasticity of my skin on my abdomen - until just recently.  I have been using a product that is clean ingredients-wise and infused with concentrated plant botanicals.  It has provided amazing results in tightening my skin.  I have not only tested the product on myself but on several others, all of whom have had positive results to varying degrees.  

I love the amazing power of plants and foods placed on this earth.  As a civilized people we have long sought to answer questions of health, healing and youthfulness.  Being civilized however has caused us to distance ourselves from the natural world.  If we return to nature and study it in depth perhaps we would find answers that would astound us.  We would be so far ahead in terms of healing.  I believe that most people just cannot accept that the lowly, humble plants and elements put forth by the natural world have any power at all in doing anything effectively.  So we have turned to conventional methods much to our detriment.  Don't get me wrong, there is obviously a place for surgery , drugs and modern medicine, but I believe that we shortchange ourselves when we don't look to natural methods first.

I am very excited about a company called It Works!  This company has developed a wrap called the Ultimate Body Applicator.  All I have to say is "Wow!"  Do me a favor and search "It Works! before and after photos" and be totally amazed. Here is an article about it I found online.  This company has been invited twice to the Oscars and Emmys and they have provided the wraps in the gifts bags the stars get to enjoy.  The wrap is made of a double layer, non woven cloth.  One side is impermeable and the other is absorbent and porous.  The absorbent part is saturated with a clean, botanically based cream.  Application of this wrap can be done by placing it on any part of your body you would like to treat, to firm, tighten and tone your skin.  With repeated applications of this wrap, some people have been able to achieve a leaner body and their results have been absolutely amazing.

The botanical cream of the wrap seeps in through the skin and latches onto the toxins in your body, allowing your body to release fat, resulting in a leaner body and minimized appearance of cellulite.  I imagine some may question, Why would you take a short cut and not just clean up your diet, exercise and do it the right way?  The way I see it, there is no reason why anyone couldn't do both.  Once people see what concentrated antioxidants can do through the skin, they may be inspired to give their bodies the absolute best, highest grade nutrition.  This can accelerate the process of achieving ideal weight and can tighten and tone your skin at the same time.

 From what I have seen, results vary from person to person.  One individual may have drastic results from the first application, while another may not see any difference until after the third or fourth application.  Approximately 70% of those who try this product will notice a difference with one application.  Another 20% will notice it with the second application.  The rest will notice it with the third and fourth application.   This product is detoxifying for the body so you will need to drink plenty of water when  you do the applications. Those who are constipated may want to deal with that problem  before trying this product. (It Works! has an herbal product called Regular which helps cleanse the bowel.)

Because I am so impressed with the products, I've decided to become an It Works! affiliate.  I love that their products do not have any harmful ingredients and are effective.  (The propolyne in this product is the same pharmaceutical grade ingredient that is used in surgical gloves and is contained in the impermeable backing of the wrap, and does not touch your skin.)   Here are my recommended fav's:

The first is the Ultimate Body Applicator with the Defining Gel (called the Wrap Pack).  The Defining Gel is what to use between applications and makes the Applicator more effective.  The Facial Applicator is formulated specifically for the skin on your face and Lifting Eye Cream helps to build the collagen in your skin and to minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles.  Email me if you have any questions or if you want to learn how to try one for free if you live locally.  Enjoy 40% off retail pricing by becoming a "loyal customer" (option available while checking out). 

I believe that there are so many things that we could solve using natural ingredients.  Eating clean, live foods and moving our bodies is the first step.  Avoiding toxic ingredients and emotions is another.  Turning to natural methods is yet another important step.  So is there a natural alternative to plastic surgery and botox?  I believe that there is, it's called It Works!

Enjoy the Journey!