Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Effects of Your Lifestyle Choices on Brain Function

I apologize for not getting to my juicing post yet.  I just can't pass up this fantastic information.  I am loving the excellent info that's coming out of the Longevity Now conferences in California.  They have quite the line-up of great speakers and leaders on nutrition and natural healing.

Anyhow, I have mentioned in previous posts that when you get on a raw food diet, one of the first things you experience (after the horrible detox symptoms) is clarity of mind.  I'm not talking about something existential or mystical, I'm talking literal!  It's like all the garbage that's lodged in your body and brain cleans out and clears up and allows you to see the world with a mind that for the first time is open to the clear blue sky. 

This is a clip where Dr. Daniel Amen, MD, discusses and shares illustrations on what really happens to your brain when you feed it the highest grade nutrition and live a health promoting lifestyle.  He also shares images of brains that live on fast food, alcohol and habits that are detrimental to healthy brain function.  The difference is absolutely unbelievable.

I truly believe that living beautifully means to not just focus on the externals.  It means to nourish and cleanse ourselves from the inside out.  To understand the connection of mind (brain in this case), body and spirit.  To respect your body - a truly spectacular gift you've been given - and care for it the best you can.  Being intentional and focused in regards to health ultimately leads to freedom from disease, freedom to be happier and youthful and opens the mind to opportunities that may have been missed with a clogged body and foggy mind.  It enables our bodies and minds to more effectively pursue excellence in all we endeavor to do.

Take the time to see part one and part two of this excellent clip! (The clip is titled "Can Fat Shrink our Brain?")

Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Two Must See Documentaries

In life, we often come across information which we are expected to believe without questioning it.  I believe in exercising our brains and doing our own investigation.  I like to pass along information to my readers, but please know that I consider this blog to be a platform from which my readers will feel impelled to springboard off of what I have shared and do their own investigating.  Always question, always find out for yourself until you are satisfied with what you are learning.  If you have come across information that disagrees with what I have shared and believe it, great!  If you happen to agree with me, great!  I think, however, we become susceptible to being "taken" when we buy into conventional "wisdom" without ever questioning it.  Just because information comes from a respected institution doesn't mean that it is the whole truth.  Anyone following me here?

Here are two documentaries I would love for you to see.  The first is BurzynskiHere is the trailer for this film.  Very interesting!  Again, you can draw your own conclusions about this film.

Next is the  film Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days   People with type 2 and type 1 diabetes effectively reversing their disease?  Wow, is that really possible?  Do your own investigating!

Enjoy the Journey!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reversing Cancer Naturally - Part 3

I have a friend whose aunt developed cancer and chose an alternative therapy like the one I mentioned in a previous post.  She effectively reversed her cancer, got a clean bill of health from her doctor, went home and made a fatal mistake.  She went back to eating the same food she was eating before she got the cancer.  She failed to recognize the connection between her diet and her cancer.  The cancer returned but this time it came back with a vengeance.  Sadly, she was not able to reverse it the second time.

Once you are successful at reversing cancer, you absolutely must adhere to a strict diet for an indefinite amount of time, so that the cancer will not return.  It is important to look at what causes cancer, so that you will not make the mistake my friend's aunt did.  In this post I want to share with you what fuels cancer and what kind of diet keeps it from coming back.

Sugar Feeds Cancer

There are no two ways of looking at this.  Sugar feeds cancer.  It is highly acidic and makes cancer cells very happy.  Natural sugars are not exempt from this rule.  Some naturopaths even exclude fruit from their juicing because of its sugar content.  Dr. Schulze, who has had tremendous success helping people reverse cancer, disagrees with this statement.  He suggests the use of both vegetables and fruit in juices.  To be safe, eliminate all sugars from your diet. I personally would exclude dates, raisins, maple syrup or any natural sugars as well.  I also believe fruit is good, especially red grapes, berries, grapefruit and citrus fruits.  Do not consider artificial sweeteners as an option, they especially feed cancer cells.

As a side note, I believe it is best to limit sugar in one's diet even when you are healthy.  I choose one day a week (two at the very most) when I allow myself to have dessert or a sweet treat.

Animal Products Are Linked to All Kinds of Cancers

I believe it is safest to remove all animal products from your diet.  This includes poultry, beef, pork, cow's milk, cheese or any animal fluid.  If it had a mother or a face, don't eat it.  Meat (and all other animal) products are strongly linked to cancer.  They are highly acidic and very difficult to digest.  Meat putrifies at 98.6 degrees F and since it is fiberless it passes very slowly through the intestinal tract.  If that isn't bad enough, meat also contains parasites.  Some studies suggest that "all meat eaters have worms and a high incidence of parasites" - check the previous link!  Just because the popular media never talks about it doesn't mean it doesn't happen - I personally know carnivores who have passed the nasty little beasties.  (Meat is not highly nutritious so I'm positive your body will not miss it one bit.)  For a parasite cleanse, check out this article......Just 'bout ready to fire up the grill.....burger anyone?

Fish was once considered a healthier option but all of our oceans have become tainted with toxins like mercury, so have fish.  (Since I mentioned mercury, I recommend removing all mercury fillings from teeth and replacing them with a better filling.)

Processed Foods Are Linked to Cancer

This one is a no-brainer in my opinion.  These foods are so chemical laden - is it any wonder they are linked to cancer?  Take a box and just read the list of ingredients.  "Ingredients list" sounds far too tame; list of cancer causing toxic chemicals is more like it.  These foods are teeming with GMO's, trans-fats, preservatives, oxidized cholesterol and excitotoxins like MSG and Aspartame.  Eliminate absolutely all processed foods.  Please take the time to see this clip.  This info is so good!  (Excitoxins- The Taste that Kills by Dr. Russel Blaylock, MD.

Remove  All Chemicals from Your Environment and Deflect/Avoid/Discharge EMF Radiation

We are exposed to so many chemicals day in and day out.  Some we have no control over, others we absolutely do!  Think about all of them, cleaning agents, body care products, lotions, air freshners, shampoos, make-up, perfume.   Find the cleanest products you can find that are devoid of harmful chemicals.  (This is the subject of a future post.  Too much info to share in a few brief sentences.)

It is also important to survey your environment for Electromagnetic Frequencies. Sources include computers, microwaves, cell phones, appliances, techno-gadgets, lamps, etc.  You can deflect these frequencies by using an inexpensive product like xzubi promoted by Green Smoothie Girl Robyn Openshaw.  Take a look at the experiment Robyn does here.  I hear regularly that cell phones are harmless (mostly from the manufacturers), but I hear from other sources that they absolutely do cause brain cancer.  Quite frankly, I have no intention of putting my brain to the test. I think it is best to be too cautious than to be sorry that inexpensive preventive measures weren't taken.  While you're at it, unplug everything in your sleeping environment.  I just saw this fascinating clip with David Wolfe on "grounding" (with Earthing products or walking barefoot) and how it can discharge "dirty electricity."  Check it out hereDr. Oz did a very interesing segment on grounding.  Do you remember Dr. Robert Young from the pH Miracle?  He conducted an experiment with gymnasts from West Point gymnastics team as seen in this post.  One of the methods he used in addition to concentrated greens was to use pendants to deflect EMF's.  Those who received supplements and pendants outperformed those who didn't receive anything but placebos. I know, it sounds crazy.  But if it works, why not add it to the cancer fighting regimen?

Commit to a Cancer Fighting Diet for Life 

So you hate salads?  Better learn to love them! In order to have a body that continually fights cancer you have to keep your body alkaline.  The way to do this is to eat between 75 and 80 percent organic raw vegetables, sprouts, green smoothies, anything with chlorophyll. Alkaline water from a water ionizer is also an excellent way to increase alkilinity in the body.  pH drops can also be used.  Please read The pH Miracle by Dr. Young for more info on this topic.  This book also contains many recipes.  Don't forget to use Crazy, Sexy, Diet by Kris Carr.  Drink nothing but the purest water, fresh home made veggie/fruit juices and caffeine free herbal teas.  Green tea would be the exception to this rule.

An alkaline diet isn't a depressing sentence for life, it is an exciting way to eat and live.  At first it may be a challenge, but you will get to the point where alkaline food is all you crave.  The thought and feel of eating outside this plan becomes uninviting and in some respects, completely repulsive.

The balance of your diet (after the 75-80% organic raw mentioned above) should be cooked vegan food that has been prepared as close to a natural state as possible (e.g., prepare beans from scratch, rather than a can and eat brown rice rather than white, etc.)  Do not deviate from this plan until your body is completely stabilized and the threat of cancer no longer looms over you.  When your body is stabilized you can cheat every now and then. (Cheating should be less than 5% of your diet.)  How long will it take for your body to stabilize?  I'm not comfortable answering that question, but I know where you can ask.  Dr. Schulze has a fantastic blog where you can ask questions.  Each post is an answer to a question.  Here is one of his very important posts on what to do once you have beaten cancer.   Please read this post!  Very important info!  (Contains language that may be inappropriate for younger readers) Dr. Robert Young author of The pH Miracle also answers questions on his site for a fee.

Coming up soon: Juicing and  Chemicals in Body Care Products.

Enjoy the Journey!